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Dutch Design Leather Est 2013

Today was our last day sending out parcels before Christmas, because we’re on a mini break from now on. We both need a little time to recharge. It’s been a hectic few months, starting in October with the 5th anniversary sale, followed by two shows and the Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale weekend.

We didn’t expect those to be such a huge success, but are really happy that they were and I want to thank everyone for supporting our little family business. You are amazing.

I realize the time to make has gone up quite a bit, from 1-2 weeks before October to 4 weeks currently, but we hope to be back to normal in January.

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Over halfway through my booklet and it has more than doubled in size. I actually really like it looking like this. I like it more and more as time progresses and things get added along the way.

I feel I’ve now really got into my groove with working in this journal. Somehow when I start out I always need to find my true self in a way… which only ever seems to surface when I’ve filled a few pages.

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I’m a bit earlier today, because I decided not to do a few things that were in my planning. Instead I did my December Daily page and will try to get an early nights sleep.

I did do most things on my daily to do list and even got the Christmas dinner tasks delegated. I’m starting to get really good at delegating things. I know I have issues with letting things go, giving control about something to someone else… There’s this little voice in my head that says I’m the only one that can do it right. Which isn’t true of course.

So if I would have set a goal for myself in 2018, this should have been it… and I achieved it, well at least partly… Letting go is still not my strong suit.

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Oops, it’s past 2 o clock already and I still have to write my blogpost. No time to clean up the mess though…and I do make a mess when journaling. It’s actually one of my favorite things about journaling… the more mess I make, the happier I am…does that make any sense?

This picture shows just a tiny bit of the huge mess I make around me when working in my notebook…

Still I managed to get some of that mess onto paper 😉

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Only a week left till it’s Christmas and we finally have a few days off. It’s been a while since we really had a few days off, or even a full weekend without work. I love working from home, but there’s one big downside to it, work is always there if you’re not careful…and there’s always more to do.

Yesterday however we went to see my mother in Limburg and we were forced to not work… for a whole half day 😉

We even had a little snow the night before, first snow of the season, so it felt all really festive. Granted the snow disappeared real quickly, but it was there and I enjoyed watching the kids in the street try and make a snowman.

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Halfway through the month and I’m still keeping up with the journaling. The blog writing is going OK so far, although I must confess, writing a post every day is proving to be a bit much.

I already missed one post last week and I missed one yesterday… and looks like I will probably miss one again tomorrow, because it’s my mother’s birthday today and we’re going to visit her tomorrow. Which means I won’t be back home till after midnight. I’m OK with that. It’s about having fun and doing what I love.

In light of that there will be two days in one post today 😉

Besides, I like making both pages match each other, so it makes sense to photograph them together.

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Super duper short blog post today, because it’s just one of those days… Got a nice new (expensive) backdrop for taking product pictures today and then wasn’t happy with it… That kinda day!

It’s probably just me. I’ll give it a chance for now and will take some pics these coming days.

As for the rest of the day, it was mostly just grey outside. Dyed a few really awesome colored TN’s and made a huge Dragon… My first A5 tooled Dragon. That was a lot of tapping with the hammer, my arm still hurts from it, but it turned out so pretty.

Journaling wise, I had a really easy day, because I did basically everything but the writing yesterday, lol.

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