Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

I’ve been catching up on some sleep in the past days and did a lot of Christmas prepping. I’ve got a house full of people tomorrow, so that means a lot of food and a lot of places to sleep 😉

I did also make a new leather tote for me, so I can carry my notebooks around in style, lol. I posted a picture of it on Instagram. And of course I did do some journaling each day.

Day 22 was easy, because I had it prepped already, but for both day 23 and 24 I had to start new spreads…which means starting on a blank page…

I always find that a bit daunting, these white pages staring me in the face.

Often I just start by pasting something down and then another thing.

Add some washi, maybe some stamps…

Add a picture, or not… perhaps some stamping…

Until I have something that I think will work and then just write around that.

You might ask, why don’t you just start writing and forego all that fussing. Yes I’ve done that and still do at times. I just like to stick things down 😉 I’m just a big kid really, lol. I love how it makes the pages feel and I love flipping back and forth through a filled booklet. Which in a way is kind of the point or the booklets, I want to look back years from now and remember today. I’m probably not going to read whole pages with memories when I pick up the booklet to flip through, but with these snapshots, some text and some details, the days will come back to me … I hope.

Anyway, I’m done for the day. I probably won’t be back tomorrow, or the day after, but I will journal a bit and I’ll see you again after Christmas.

Have a wonderfull Christmas,

xoxo Monique

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