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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

On March 12 and 13 we’re doing another Tooling Workshop, where you can come and make your own hand-tooled and handsewn Travelers Notebook.

This workshop is 2 days, 1 day is needed for tooling your cover and the second for sewing and finishing. This is quite tight time wise, therefore there are quite a few things we have prepared beforehand, so you can get off to a flying start.

However for tooling I do wish certain techniques to be demonstrated and practiced during the workshop. That’s why I decided to have a variety of tooling images, already prepared and selected that I know will allow for the correct techniques. Some may be a bit more difficult than others, but overall they require the same techniques.

Last weekend we started making examples of some of these images.

As the weeks progress Martijn and I will make more examples of the images we selected for the workshop.

But I did take a few pics during the tooling to give you an idea of what is involved in the process.

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My preferred way of adding pen-loops to a Travelers notebook is by adding the pen-loop to the inserts or folders, not to the notebook cover itself. This way I can easily change the amount of pen-loops I have, depending on how I want to use the Traveler.

I do use leather folders with a pen-loop in some notebooks, but for others I only have paper folders.

As you can see in the above picture, the pen-loop for the leather folder is sewn on and cannot be changed easily. However the other pen I have with the notebook is attached to a cardstock folder, which I can change out easily and I can add more if I need to, or remove them when I don’t need them anymore.

We have DIY pen-loops in our shop, but you can easily make them yourself. In this tutorial I will show you how to attach them.

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February 2020 planner setup and I’ve switched to a Personal size ringbound planner for my daily planning. I still have most things in my Traveler’s Notebooks, but I’m really happy with how the rings are working for me currently =)

I made a little video showing how I’ve set it all up.

Let me know what you think and please let me know if you have any ideas about how I could use my A5 ringbound cover. Which is currently just in use as a portfolio with photo’s of previous work.

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful weekend.

xoxo Monique

I’ve been doubting what to do for 2020 for the longest time and waited until it was January 2, before I really decided what to do.

I’m going to stick to my trusty B6 slim format with a Bold style diary and daily pages…but I switched to a plain planner for the year. I’m going with Honey and I even dyed my leather folder in Honey.

I’m loving it. The rustic look of the Honey dye just really makes me happy.

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This December I wanted to do a daily project, same as last year, but we’re so busy, I just can’t justify doing something like this every day.

I still wanted to do something though, so that’s when the “Not A Daily” project was born (Thank you Janet..for those that get the Good place reference 😉 )

I used the red RS classic TN from last year, but added some of the cute Xmas tabs and the pretty Xmas in a Jar pen sleeve in festive red as accessories.

But I had to make a new insert of course. I wanted it to be a junk journal. So I started by making that.

Of course I then had to go and start using it and.. make a process video. Which is slightly daunting for me, because I’m not used to it.

But I got my video setup worked out and just started the way I usually start by making a huge mess. I wondered if I could maybe streamline the process a little…

Maybe make a little parcel for each page with just a few elements to choose from and force myself to work with just that.

Which is what I did in this last video… It worked kind of… definitely something I want to explore further.

So far so good. At this pace I’m definitely able to keep up with it and not get burnt out before the end of the month and I’m definitely having fun.

I hope you enjoy watching and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

xoxo Monique

It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.
– Miles Davis –


Change has been the key word for my life in the past years. Giving up a safe and well paying job to start my own business. To be able to create and grow, develop and hone my skill. 
Change in my personal life with my kids getting ready to leave home and starting University. Change when my husband joined the company and we made it a joined venture. Change when young creative artisans discovered our company and wanted to start learning from us. 

Change is a good thing and I have always embraced it.

We are now changing again. First, our name will change from Lady falcon Travelers to Falcon Travelers.  The main switch to the new name will be in the new year, but some new products will already carry the new logo and I will start placing the new logo on the website.
That brings me to the second big change, our new products, the handbags and satchels. These have been on my wish list for, oh… years and years. I never felt I was ready for it.

I am now, we have the skills, we have the tools …what we lack is space. All this change over the years has made our little home based studio grow and burst at the seams. We need to expand and we need to simplify a few steps in the process to be able to keep on making the products we make.

That’s why, yet another change, I’ve decided to offer the Protocol No1 EDC handbag via pre-order, with a crowdfunding system. We can assess what the demand is for the bag and we’ve set a few goals for ourselves.

The Protocol No1 is available on pre-order at a 20% discounted early bird price.
The campaign goal is €10,000, half of which will go to making the handbag for the early birds and the other half will go to rent and equipment for a larger work space. This will allow us to keep making fine leather goods with the quality and dedication you are used from us.

What happens after the campaign deadline passes and the goal has been met…

We will move into the larger space and get the equipment set up to start making all the pre-ordered handbags. We will send out emails to all who purchased the early bird Protocol No1 EDC and keep you up to date on the progress of the project.

The Pre-order listing will close and we will make the Protocol No1 ED available via a regular listing on the site at the normal retail price.

When we exceed the goal all early birds will get and extra surprise with their order… 

What happens after the campaign deadline passes and the goal has not been met…

Don’t worry, if we don’t meet the deadline, we will still make the hand bag, because like I said, we do already have the skill and tools to make these for you. Just not the space to make them in larger quantities…

The Pre-order listing will close and we will make the Protocol No1 EDC available via a regular listing on the site at the normal retail price.

Don’t miss out and be an early bird… 

Thank you for believing in us and supporting our adventure. We truly appreciate you and hope we will be able to continue to make beautiful traditionally made fine leather products for you.


LFT Newsletter, spring 2019.

Spring Festival

The sun is starting to come out and new life is budding everywhere. We want to celebrate this by having a Spring festival throughout the month of April. 

Starting April 2nd we will have a new sale for every week and 15% discount code on top of that. To top it all off we will have an Easter Egg (or eggs) hidden with a special code for Easter (April 21 and 22).
So check back often to find them all.

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First of all of course with a flip through of the December daily Journal 🙂

My daughter journalled with me through the month of December and we made a flip through of her journal as well.

Now that I’ve revived the blog with my December challenge, I feel I’d like to keep writing little snippets of my life here. However there’s no December Daily Journal to keep me accountable, nor a challenge to myself to keep me on my toes. Come to think of it, my life really isn’t that interesting, except perhaps for that one thing, where I have my own business.

Now I know, a lot of people have their own business, so not that special either. Except that I do feel it’s special. I started it all, coming out of a burn-out. With no prior knowledge of selling or anything that surrounds having your own business. I learned it all on the go and I’m still learning….every day!

With that in mind, I want to change the blog a little bit. It’ll still be about journals and journaling, I might even throw in some art journaling this year, but it’ll also be about running your own business and trying to make a living from it. The do’s and don’t I learned along the way and all the little, sometimes big, things I encounter along the way. Be it for good or for bad, because we may be 5 years old, it could all still go horribly wrong of course 😉

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Happy New Year everybody. I feel 2019 is going to be an amazing year!

I hope you all had a fabulous New year’s Eve, with lots of good company, good food and fireworks.

After dropping my daughter and her boyfriend off in Eindhoven yesterday, we went on to my sister’s in Limburg and spend the night watching a movie and playing Catan.

It’s been I while since I played it, so I had no clue what I was doing and lost miserably, but that really didn’t matter much, it was all about the company.

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Woohoo, I finally did it, I changed the domain for the blog to ladyfalcontravelers.com. It’s been on my to-do list for quite a while now and today I finally dared to take the leap and change it. All the old links for morganlefaestrinkets.com will still work, at least for a while, and redirect everything to this domain.

I think it’s fitting that the blog is Ladyfalcontravelers.com and the shop is Falcontravelers.com, since the blog is my thing and the shop is run by my husband and me…. I guess if Mr. Falcon Travelers wants to write a blog he can get his own domain 😉

My December Daily Traveler’s notebook is getting quite full. With only 2 more days left to go, it’s really quite chunky. I did a little evaluation of this journey on a page with a bit of space to write left. And my conclusion is that it was a lot of fun to do the journaling and write in the notebook every day.

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