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First of all of course with a flip through of the December daily Journal 🙂

My daughter journalled with me through the month of December and we made a flip through of her journal as well.

Now that I’ve revived the blog with my December challenge, I feel I’d like to keep writing little snippets of my life here. However there’s no December Daily Journal to keep me accountable, nor a challenge to myself to keep me on my toes. Come to think of it, my life really isn’t that interesting, except perhaps for that one thing, where I have my own business.

Now I know, a lot of people have their own business, so not that special either. Except that I do feel it’s special. I started it all, coming out of a burn-out. With no prior knowledge of selling or anything that surrounds having your own business. I learned it all on the go and I’m still learning….every day!

With that in mind, I want to change the blog a little bit. It’ll still be about journals and journaling, I might even throw in some art journaling this year, but it’ll also be about running your own business and trying to make a living from it. The do’s and don’t I learned along the way and all the little, sometimes big, things I encounter along the way. Be it for good or for bad, because we may be 5 years old, it could all still go horribly wrong of course 😉

I also invited another author to write for the blog. Cassandra, is well known in the Traveler’s Notebook community as founder of the Facebook Group Traveler’s Notebook Forum. She’ll be writing, among other things, about her weight loss journey in the past year and the way she used her journal to help her through that. So there’s something to look forward to as well.

To keep myself accountable to do regular journaling posts, I made myself a dated weekly journal. Two pages a week and just a slim line with the date and the week number at the top.

Nothing fancy, just so I will keep it up through out the year. This booklet has half a year in it, so after that I can evaluate if this system works for me, or that I need to make some changes.

Next up will probably be my video for my planner setup from last year and the changes I made to keep me organized this year.

Looking forward to 2019.

Have a lovely evening,

xoxo Monique

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