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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

LFT Newsletter, spring 2019.

Spring Festival

The sun is starting to come out and new life is budding everywhere. We want to celebrate this by having a Spring festival throughout the month of April. 

Starting April 2nd we will have a new sale for every week and 15% discount code on top of that. To top it all off we will have an Easter Egg (or eggs) hidden with a special code for Easter (April 21 and 22).
So check back often to find them all.

New additions

We’ve added quite a few new products to the shop recently and have quite a few still in the works.Our most recent additions are some gorgeous new engraving add-ons and new insert cover designs.

Pen Strap

We’ve added the new pen-strapdesign to the site. It closes with a snap, while still allowing you to adjust the buckle.
No need to replace the elastic, you can use it to attach the strap to the notebook.

New Engraving Designs

We’ve added several new Engraving designs to the shop lately and plan to add several more in the coming month.

Upcoming events

5-6-7 April, we’ll be at the Crea Weekend in Rijswijk. 
We’ll have a fun make and take, which is still a secret.
We’ll have the new stamps with us, new pen-cases and of course our notebooks and inserts. 

All at friendly event prices!

Planner Meet

In March we had our first planner meet in Utrecht at Pulles Shoes. We had so much fun doing this and met some really lovely people off-line for the first time.

We hope to do the next one at the end of April and we’ll have a similar program:

  • Opening with coffee/tea
  • Introduction
  • Mini Workshop
  • Free Plannering* and swap table

There’ll be a notebook specifically for the planner meets and everyone that wants to, can decorate a page in it. It’ll be a great way to remember all the planner meets!

*Plannering: Creatively fussing with your planner, flicking through other peoples planners, perusing stickers and washi tapes and exploring lettering and brush pens. Usually accompanied by chatting about planning and planners with other planners. When lacking other planners, watching YouTube video’s of other planners is an acceptable alternative.


In May we intend to do another workshop, make your own Traveler’s Notebook. You can find the information about this on my blog.

More information about this and the Planner meet will be posted in our Facebook group.

For now I think I’ve chatted enough. I wish you all a wonderful Spring and don’t forget to check out our sales discounts for the Spring Festival. 

And who knows, maybe I’ll meet you during one of our events….

XX Monique

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