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Make your Own Traveler’s Notebook

Since making my first Traveler’s Notebook in 2013 I learned a lot about leather, leather craft, dyeing leather and finishing it.

As I do love to share information I gave a few workshops to family and friends, just for the fun of it. After sharing photo’s of these workshops and the result on Facebook, I got such lovely responses from so many people and so many questions about giving workshops to others as well. I started to think about this and about how exactly this could be made real.

The first workshops were held at Atelier Time4you. Where we had a great time and lots of fun. Now that we have our own studio, the workshops are held at the Lady Falcon Travelers studio.

In Januari 2015 the first workshop “Make your own Traveler’s Notebook” was a fact and 6 people made their own Traveler’s Notebooks. We had a lot of fun and made some great Notebooks. During the course of the year several other workshops followed the first one.

By now the workshop has developed enough to start taking it beyond Facebook. Therefore I would like to present it here on this page, with information about dates and up to date prices. We are also expanding the techniques we are offering for the workshops, by adding hand-sewing leather to the mix. For now these will only be for small groups, since it requires extra attention and tools to do this, but I’m sure this will be something we will do more often in the future.



There are 2 different types of workshop, although both involve making your own Traveler.

  • Make and dye your own Traveler and inserts
  • Make, dye and sew your own Traveler

During both Workshop you will make a Traveler’s Notebook in the size of your choosing.

We will first dye the leather. After dyeing, the leather has to dry for a bit, before we can process it further. During this time we will make an insert for your Traveler’s Notebook and a File Folder with pen-loops, with the 1st workshop option and we will practice prepping the leather for sewing with the 2nd option.

As soon as the leather is dry enough we will proceed with sewing the Travelers (2nd option) and processing the leather to magically turn them into Traveler’s Notebooks, finishing it with burnishing the edges and adding elastics. If we have time left (which we usually don’t) and you wish to do so, you can stamp the cover or decorate your inserts.

At the end of the workshop you will have a fully functional Traveler’s Notebook with inserts.

We start at 11:00 o clock with coffee and a little introduction. Around 12:30 we will lunch together. You can bring your own lunch, or we can provide lunch for you. We will aim to finish the workshop at 16:00. Total duration of the workshop would be ca. 4 hrs.


The workshop will be in Dutch and so is the lesson material.

The workshop can be held in English if so requested and English lesson material will be provided.

I speak a little German and understand it very well. I could make the lesson material available in German upon request.


The workshop is €45 (excluded Lunch and Material)

Lunch €5

Price for materials will depend on the size you choose to make. Please send an email to to request the pricing for the materials.

We will cut the TN to size up front and will make the holes for the elastics, this will save time on the day. The inserts you will make will be prepared as much as possible beforehand, to save time, and will all be in the size of the TN you select.

If you like a specific color, please let me know at least 2 weeks before the Workshop date, so I can arrange that this color is available.

You can find an overview of the sizes here and an overview of the colors here. For the workshop only the colors mentioned in the first section (aniline) will be used.


The next planned dates for the workshops are, Saturday:

  • May 19, 2018

Other dates are possible, if you want to plan a workshop for a group of people. Please contact me for further information.

  • There is a limit of 6 people per workshop.
  • Planned workshops will only proceed when there are minimal 3 participants. Cancellation of the workshop due to this, will be communicated a week before the workshop date.


The workshop is in the Lady falcon Travelers Studio, Lelystad, the Netherlands. There’s a maximum of 6 participants in this location.

If you come from far, by car or by train, there are several excellent Bed and Breakfast establishments available nearby and a pick-up/drop-off service is available to pick you up. Please contact me for further information.

Ask for information or sign up for any planned date

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