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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

My preferred way of adding pen-loops to a Travelers notebook is by adding the pen-loop to the inserts or folders, not to the notebook cover itself. This way I can easily change the amount of pen-loops I have, depending on how I want to use the Traveler.

I do use leather folders with a pen-loop in some notebooks, but for others I only have paper folders.

As you can see in the above picture, the pen-loop for the leather folder is sewn on and cannot be changed easily. However the other pen I have with the notebook is attached to a cardstock folder, which I can change out easily and I can add more if I need to, or remove them when I don’t need them anymore.

We have DIY pen-loops in our shop, but you can easily make them yourself. In this tutorial I will show you how to attach them.

You will need a piece of leather long enough to wrap around your pen and about 2-3 cm on either side extra to glue it to your folder or insert. Something to measure (I usually use the cutting mat), a pen to measure around and one to mark the leather, and glue. I prefer Aleene’s Tacky glue, but any PVA glue will do. We need the glue to be flexible. I use the Tacky glue, because it’ll stick faster and won’t have to dry that long.

Once you have the leather (or other material you prefer) to use for the pen-loop, you can measure the width of the pen you want to use. Fold the leather around your pen with the inside facing out and pinch it closed. Leaving enough room for the pen to slide in and out easily, but not fall out randomly. Mark this where you pinched it.

Put Glue on the marked spots of you leather and glue the piece to your folder, making sure left and right side are on the correct height.

You can opt to have 1 pen-loop, 2 at the same height (top or middle) or have 2 staggered. When they are staggered you can use the pen-loops as a closure option for your notebook, just keep in mind to add some extra room for the notebook width.

Place it under something heavy to dry completely. My B6 slim is plenty heavy for this purpose.

You can then add the folder to your Traveler and slide in your favorite pen(s). I opted for one pen-loop with this folder, because I only have one pen with this notebook.

I hope my instructions were clear. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Have fun and I wish you a wonderful week.

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