Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

On March 12 and 13 we’re doing another Tooling Workshop, where you can come and make your own hand-tooled and handsewn Travelers Notebook.

This workshop is 2 days, 1 day is needed for tooling your cover and the second for sewing and finishing. This is quite tight time wise, therefore there are quite a few things we have prepared beforehand, so you can get off to a flying start.

However for tooling I do wish certain techniques to be demonstrated and practiced during the workshop. That’s why I decided to have a variety of tooling images, already prepared and selected that I know will allow for the correct techniques. Some may be a bit more difficult than others, but overall they require the same techniques.

Last weekend we started making examples of some of these images.

As the weeks progress Martijn and I will make more examples of the images we selected for the workshop.

But I did take a few pics during the tooling to give you an idea of what is involved in the process.

Obviously we first start out by wetting the leather and transferring the image to the leather.

After this it’s time to start cutting the leather. This is done with a swivel knife. These knifes need to be kept really sharp, which we will also demonstrate and practice during the workshop. Depending on how large the image is, you may need to sharpen the knife several times during the cutting step.

After cutting the leather we can start bevelling the edges and modelling your design. We use several different stamps for this. We’ll explain these tools and the differences during the workshop.

Next up will be backgrounding of the design, making the tooled design stand out even more and enhancing the 3D effect.

There are many different background stamps and techniques and we will touch on some of those during the workshop. However since this is a beginner to intermediate workshop, we will keep it simple. Just lots of taps with the hammer …

After all this you can choose to do some final finishing touches with modelling spoons and decorative cuts, but of course that depends on whether there is time and if you have the energy left to do them 😉

More examples of the tooled designs will follow, so you will have several designs to choose from when coming to do this workshop.

Next workshop is the weekend of 12 and 13 March. Who knows, maybe we will see each other then.

For now have a wonderful Valentines week and don’t forget we have a coupon on the website.

Stay safe


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