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I think it’s clear that I failed my self imposed challenge to write a blog post every day.

I did Journal every day this month, so that part of the challenge is going great. I get a cute notebook at the end of the month filled with memories and a lot of fun along the way.

It also invited me to take some more pics every day, which I normally just forget to do and had fun with my sis and mom playing with snapchat.

We had a great first Christmas day and celebrated together at my house. The journaling also helped me prepare for that, I had everything planned, well ahead of time.

I even had my recipes collected well before I needed them.

I didn’t have to cook it all myself, so it was a fun and relaxed day.

The second Christmas day (we have 2 in the Netherlands 😉 ) my sister went back home quite early, the rest of us had a late lunch. We went to visit my in laws and had a fun evening at home with the kids. Filled with laughter, margaritas, karaoke, good food and our traditional new game under the tree.

I also got a waffle iron from the kids, eh…Santa….

and of course had to test that the next day… I’m glad to say that they have been approved…

We also went to Spiderman, into the Spiderverse, which is an animated Spiderman movie. I really enjoyed it. It was funny and very well made. Highly entertaining, I recommend it.

Today I started work a little bit again, just some website work, mail and some printing, because technically I’m still on a break, with the kids at home… but it’s nice to not have a mountain of mail to answer when I’m officially back at work

Worked a little in my December daily Journal, made sugared hazelnuts with ice cream for desert and watched a movie with the kids.

I have the book for this movie coming in the mail and I’m not sure if I should’ve watched the movie already, but we’ll see… I’m going to read it anyway, because, well, words … 😉

I hope you had a wonderful few days as well and I hope to do one post a day again for the last few pages. I will also do a flip through of the insert at the start of the new year and Chelsea has allowed me to show hers as well.

It’s been really fun so far and I loved the moments where Chelsea and I could journal together!

For now signing off again, hope to see you again tomorrow. Have a lovely evening.

xoxo Monique

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