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Dutch Design Leather Est 2013

Today I decided to start a little earlier with my December Daily pages…and then had this on my table for the rest of the day …

Lol, quite an inspiring mess, but no time to really do something with it. We’re still working really hard to get the Black Friday- Cyber Monday sales out the door.

Somehow I wished we would be able to spread the orders a bit more over the year. As a small business with all handmade customized products it’s almost impossible to prep for huge sales like this October and BFCM. I think we need to work out a plan for next year and find a way to spread the workload a bit over the year… If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Still I managed to squeeze in a few moments for my journaling and had some fun with splashes of watercolor and some embossing powder. 

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Day eleven already, it feels like I just started this journey. Though I must confess it is getting easier to do a quick blog post at the end of the day and sitting down to do some journaling is also becoming more of a habit.

Not that I didn’t journal before, but it was mostly at night on the couch while watching TV with one eye. I feel I’m now more conscious about the journaling … and of course I get to use glue and stuff.

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First week of the December Daily Journalling challenge done. I’m quite happy with how things are going, even though I missed 1 day writing the blog… at least I journalled every day and took some time to be creative just for me. It may not be much, but it definitely helps to keep me sane during these busy weeks. 

It may not be much and I’m not splashing paint around, but it’s just enough right now and I’m keeping memories as I go along.

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Woops, skipped a day writing the blog… I my defense I did have a really good excuse, I had to make 30 plus dust bags last night and it took a little longer than expected, as often happens….

However I finished the dust bags and was able to mail the 30 something TN’s we made this week, including all other leather accessories and inserts.


Today I played catch up and finished the journaling for yesterday and enjoyed some journaling time with Chelsea this evening.

I made some new die-cuts for us to use in our journals and I’m especially happy with the little TV, but the reindeer is a close second…oh and let’s not forget the Christmas tree and stars… I think maybe I should put the die-cuts in the shop, they are so cute 🙂

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Did all the things on my list today, well almost all… and even had time to play a bit with my watercolors, well, pushed them around a bit… What I didn’t do is look at the prompts I posted on the first day of my December Daily challenge… The prompt for today was “Naughty”.


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