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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

First week of the December Daily Journalling challenge done. I’m quite happy with how things are going, even though I missed 1 day writing the blog… at least I journalled every day and took some time to be creative just for me. It may not be much, but it definitely helps to keep me sane during these busy weeks. 

It may not be much and I’m not splashing paint around, but it’s just enough right now and I’m keeping memories as I go along.

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Woops, skipped a day writing the blog… I my defense I did have a really good excuse, I had to make 30 plus dust bags last night and it took a little longer than expected, as often happens….

However I finished the dust bags and was able to mail the 30 something TN’s we made this week, including all other leather accessories and inserts.


Today I played catch up and finished the journaling for yesterday and enjoyed some journaling time with Chelsea this evening.

I made some new die-cuts for us to use in our journals and I’m especially happy with the little TV, but the reindeer is a close second…oh and let’s not forget the Christmas tree and stars… I think maybe I should put the die-cuts in the shop, they are so cute 🙂

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Did all the things on my list today, well almost all… and even had time to play a bit with my watercolors, well, pushed them around a bit… What I didn’t do is look at the prompts I posted on the first day of my December Daily challenge… The prompt for today was “Naughty”.


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Today was an easy day for keeping up with my journal, since I did most of the decorating yesterday. I also received my Sprocket portable printer today, so of course I had to take a pic and use it in my journal.


It’s a good thing I did most of the decorating yesterday, because I was really tired. Last night we spend sewing loads of TN’s and only stopped when we met our goal, which was at 2 o clock at night. This has been going on since October and we’re really starting to feel it now… the perks of having your own business I guess 😉

We had a really lovely day though and got loads done.

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It’s Monday already and we’re back at work in the studio. Not that we are ever not in the studio, however in the weekends we try to not be as much in the studio… Which is something that we haven’t really been able to do since the start of October. So the time off this past weekend was much needed and I loved being able to spend some quality time with the kids.

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Here’s my second day of December Memory keeping, a short post, as promised 😉


This weekend was the first weekend since the start of October that we took most of the weekend off. Of course when you have your own business, you’re never really off work…but that’s a whole different story, maybe worth writing it’s own blog series about… Continue reading

I challenged myself to write a blog post every day this December. It does not need to be a very long blog post, just a little story every day as I document my memories of this month in My December Daily Journal.


I’m taking it one day at a time and set up a few rules for myself to keep things simple. Both with regard to the blog and to the daily journaling.

  1. Stay relaxed and record one memory, one story each day. Take it one day at a time.
  2. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have just the right words. It’s about recording your memories.
  4. It’s OK if not every page is beautiful, some days you just don’t have the time to work out a lay-out, other days you might.
  5. Mistakes are a part of life, so expect them to happen in your journal and embrace them.
  6. Don’t compare your lay-outs to what other people are doing… do your own thing!
  7. Some days I will only have time to paste a picture and do some embellishing. That’s OK, you can finish them later.

Most importantly, it’s about having fun and doing what you love. Taking a few minutes out of every day for Memory Keeping and creating a document for the future. Continue reading

This weekend, November 23-25, we’re at the Creaweekend event in Rijswijk with a collection of our Notebooks. You can find us at the Planners cafe in the back of the great hall. This time I will also be hosting a workshop there. I developed a December Daily Journal insert especially for the Lady Falcon Travelers workshop at the event.

The December Daily Journaling insert is for a regular size Traveler’s Notebook and in Dutch, since the event is in the Netherlands.

After the event I will make the insert available as a free download, both in Dutch and English, which you can find here.


Both the insert and the workshop at the Creaweekend are in Dutch.

The workshop will be about an hour, during which we will fold and bind the insert. Cut the notebook to the right size and decorate it with the provided ephemera stickers, old dictionary pages, washi tape and ink. Continue reading

October 5 years ago I sold my very first Traveler’s Notebook and the shop, as you can see it today, is the result of this one sale via Facebook in 2013.
Traveler’s Notebooks weren’t that known back then and there certainly weren’t many options for people to purchase custom made to order notebooks in those days.

I’ve made it my business to make high quality custom made notebooks right from the start. By offering a multitude of colors, styles and sizes. By letting you design your notebook to your wishes.

This has presented us with quite a few difficulties over the years. If only the seeming impossibility of listing all those different variants, while still keeping it clear for those browsing the site.
For instance the Original leather TN collection alone has 28.000 possible different variants, without even adding any add-on’s…That’s quite something!

This huge variation, together with using traditional Leather working techniques to create your notebooks, sets us apart from the masses. Our motto, “Against the grain”, does represent that. We will continue to be the odd one out and keep exploring the possibilities of working with leather in the years to come.

To celebrate this happy occasion with you, we made a coupon available for 20% off your entire purchase, for the whole month of October. Continue reading