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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Today we finally set up our Christmas tree. Everyone chipped in, even the cats…

Although I’m afraid that Fenrir was not so sure about the glittery Christmas decorations… Still I think they look really good on him 😉

After yesterdays break I did do a little work today, but with and average of 70+ hours a week since the start of October, I decided it was OK to just hang with the kids a bit and just do some journaling and decorating.

I’m quite happy with how the tree turned out… although the pic doesn’t show the red, because, well I had to play a little with the Sprocket app 😉

Which is actually quite fun and really easy to do. So far the little printer hasn’t let me down and I’m happy that I did decide to go ahead with it.

Before the coming week there’s another weekly view. At first I wanted to make it the same as last weeks, but then went with something a little different.

There are some lines between the days, but I think I will erase them when I’m done with the week. They’re just there to keep me from writing croocked …

In the end I also took a white pen and wrote all over the darker colored paper, but of course forgot to take pics of that. I do feel that this exercise is making me want to do more with creative journaling so I also took out my Art journal for “Let Sketch started” … but so far my creativity didn’t go further than ripping out the white bookmark and closure elastic…

Lol, I guess the pure white of the notebook was still too much for me to handle … Oh well, over half a year left to fill this one … 

Have a lovely week,

xoxo Monique

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