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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Here’s my second day of December Memory keeping, a short post, as promised 😉


This weekend was the first weekend since the start of October that we took most of the weekend off. Of course when you have your own business, you’re never really off work…but that’s a whole different story, maybe worth writing it’s own blog series about…

I divided the “This week” page into sections and will use it to track some appointments.


I’m not really using this as a planner, more as a journaling, memory keeping notebook.


With some photo’s and emphemera to get me started. I just journal around them. Some days I write more, but today I wasn’t really in the mood to write a lot. That’s OK, it’s about having fun and doing what I love.


I have a folder filled with stuff I think I want to use this month to go in the TN, but I take it out when working in my notebook. I kinda like that it makes it all chunky.

I do intend to take a picture everyday, but probably not all with the instax camera. I’ll just cut them to the right size so I can still use my new photo frames. I’m thinking about adding these together with the other little die-cuts to the shop, what do you think… Would you like those?

I’m off to eat desert and spend a bit more time with the kids before they have to go back to University…

Till tomorrow 🙂

xoxo Monique




2 thoughts on “Day two, December Daily Journal

  1. Loving the layout and the colours of the spread!


    1. Monique says:

      Thank you 💕


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