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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Today was an easy day for keeping up with my journal, since I did most of the decorating yesterday. I also received my Sprocket portable printer today, so of course I had to take a pic and use it in my journal.


It’s a good thing I did most of the decorating yesterday, because I was really tired. Last night we spend sewing loads of TN’s and only stopped when we met our goal, which was at 2 o clock at night. This has been going on since October and we’re really starting to feel it now… the perks of having your own business I guess 😉

We had a really lovely day though and got loads done.

Our new intern is definitely learning the ropes this way, she’s a good sport though and didn’t mind being my guinea pig for the try-out photo with the Sprocket.


I’m really happy with the quality of the little pics that roll out of the tiny printer and completely smitten with its size…so cute and tiny….


Tomorrow I have to face 2 very empty and very white pages again, which to me is always a little daunting. Let’s hope I learn something fun during my Photography workshop tomorrow afternoon, so I can journal about that 😉

I’m really enjoying this December Journey and I hope you are too. Till tomorrow.

xoxo Monique

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