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Oops, it’s past 2 o clock already and I still have to write my blogpost. No time to clean up the mess though…and I do make a mess when journaling. It’s actually one of my favorite things about journaling… the more mess I make, the happier I am…does that make any sense?

This picture shows just a tiny bit of the huge mess I make around me when working in my notebook…

Still I managed to get some of that mess onto paper 😉

Today was another packing and shipping day, so I didn’t get to do much else.

The prompt for today was snuggle up and since I didn’t get much time to snuggle up, I snapped Idunn while she lay super cosy on two blankets on the couch…

she looked adorable, but like with most black cats, she’s a bit hard to capture in a pic.

I also managed to fill some of the other pages and even got round to planning the Christmas menu…

I’m actually quite proud of myself that I managed to find space in my head to do this even though we are so busy… After my burn-out that was the thing that went completely broken and stayed broken for the longest… to plan and organize things like this.

I was told that this would probably never heal. So to find out that I could manage it this year, where I couldn’t a year ago, was really a big thing for me.

So a happy day all in all 🙂

I’m going to leave the mess and go snuggle up in bed with a book and read for a little bit and then it’s lights out for me.

Hope to see you again tomorrow,

xoxo Monique

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