Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Halfway through the month and I’m still keeping up with the journaling. The blog writing is going OK so far, although I must confess, writing a post every day is proving to be a bit much.

I already missed one post last week and I missed one yesterday… and looks like I will probably miss one again tomorrow, because it’s my mother’s birthday today and we’re going to visit her tomorrow. Which means I won’t be back home till after midnight. I’m OK with that. It’s about having fun and doing what I love.

In light of that there will be two days in one post today 😉

Besides, I like making both pages match each other, so it makes sense to photograph them together.

Yesterday Chelsea was home for lunch and had her backpack on the floor in the living room, as is per usual, lol… Fenrir our youngest cat decided that her backpack was the best place to be and dove head first into it. Of course he toppled over with backpack and all. This didn’t bother him at all and he made himself a nice and cozy nest.

He looked so adorable all curled up in her backpack 🙂

 Today I took the morning off and spend the afternoon tooling another Dragon… I spend about 2 hours tapping the tools with my hammer and have now decided that I need a hammer specifically for tooling, which will definitely make the process easier.

After that I spend a little time journaling and chatting with Chelsea. All in all a delightful Saturday.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well, I’ll be back on Monday and hope to see you then 😉

xoxo Monique 

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