Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Over halfway through my booklet and it has more than doubled in size. I actually really like it looking like this. I like it more and more as time progresses and things get added along the way.

I feel I’ve now really got into my groove with working in this journal. Somehow when I start out I always need to find my true self in a way… which only ever seems to surface when I’ve filled a few pages.

It’s probably because I find a filled journal inspiring and I love flipping back and forth… and it may also have to do with the fact that I find white pages daunting. I always feel I need to keep them pristine…

I’m also really glad that I switched to the Honey colored RS in the business style. I love having even more pockets to stuff and the color is to die for ❤

I wonder what it’ll look like when it’s in use a while, because at the moment it’s still really nice and pristine.

The Honey color is a bit darker and warmer than in this pic above, but you can see that it has this difference in shades over the leather, almost patchy, for lack of a better word. Which is typically what the Honey dye does.

I’m just going to have to wait and see…. be patient…

Not one of my strong suits, lol.

Today I got to tool a Dragon again. It seems that this month is filled with Dragons 🙂 Which is a good thing, there are never enough Dragons in the world!

It also meant I got to use my new little hammer…. and this is now my new best friend. What was I thinking all this time, tooling with just a regular hammer. I still have to get the hang a bit of the new way of tapping, but this thingy made tapping this A5 Dragon today, a total breeze.

Anyway, it’s late already, so I’m signing off. I wish you all a great evening and till tomorrow 🙂

xoxo Monique

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