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So in keeping with what I promised in my last post I have another update on my planner last month. Still a messy planner, but it gets the job done and it makes me happy to flip through the pages.

Photo 04-07-2017, 00 19 49.jpg

Starting off with the finished June monthly spread, filled mostly with doodles, because I don’t like empty spaces. Mostly used to keep track of birthdays and as a quick overview for appointments.

Not a lot of appointments though, since I work from home. My weekly’s don’t have a lot of appointments either and I mostly use them as a place for little reminders of what I did that day.

june 5-11.jpg

and a list with things to do on the right side of the page.

June 12-18.jpg

Sometimes I doodle or draw something. Mostly because I like the look of that and I find it relaxing to do.

june 19-25.jpg

Often I prep my pages at the start of the week, but not always. As you can see in the above photo and since I make and post the photo’s on Monday evening to the Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebooks group , I had to take a pic of a almost completely empty WOTP spread this week.

june 26-2.jpg

Back on track the next week and started my decorations nice and early on Sunday evening.

June is always a month with a lot of Birthdays, my own being one of them, but my most favorite is my son’s birthday, my (not so) little blond Teddy bear.  This year there were even more festivities, because he also graduated and will be off to University next year to study Math and Physics, but for now he has off from school and is helping us a little with the shop.

For this month I’ve switched notebooks, because I decided to take part in the #onebookjuly challenge, after something a lady in one of the Facebook groups said about it not having any rules and that it could also be one book per purpose…so that’s what I did, but that’ll be for another post.

onebookjuly from to.jpg

Going from at least 5 planning and journaling Notebooks, to just the 2 you see on the right. Quite happy with how it’s working out so far.

Have a lovely weekend,

xoxo Monique

2 thoughts on “My planner last Month, June

  1. Maria says:

    Ben heel erg benieuwd naar je one book July.
    Ik mis jou time tracking book. Dat is eentje die ik top vind!


    1. Monique says:

      Dankjewel Maria. Ik gebruik nog steeds mijn time tracking insert in de A5. Ik ben daar echt heel happy mee. Ik weet even niet of ik all files voor decrest van het jaar beschikbaar had gemaakt. Laat maar even weten of je een nieuwe periode nodig hebt, dan zet ik hem online.


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