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I have this list with things I want to blog about, but really not a lot of time to write lengthy blogs. Running a small business can be quite time consuming and your work is really never done. Working 10-12 hour days every day with all the worries that go with owning a small business, which is really a story for a blogpost all on it’s own, writing a blogpost is not something that has the highest priority.

However I decided that a post doesn’t have to be a 1000 words. A few words and a few pics can make a nice post as well. So that’s what I’m going to try.

In my Facebook group I post something every day. I have figured out that having a # hashtag with a subject in it, works for me to keep me on track and help me with the content for the posts.

On Monday’s I make posts with #MyPlannerMonday, which is basically just a post with my last week and my next week views. Nothing fancy, just my messy planner pages. With once a month my monthly pages.

Photo 06-06-2017, 00 20 29.jpg

Somehow I feel that alone would not make for a great blogpost, but I’m not sure. What do you think?

That’s why I thought, it would be nice to do an overview blogpost with all the before and after pics of the last month. So here goes,  the last month was May…

may 1-7.jpg

Apparently I didn’t like what I did at first, so the final pages don’t have any stamping on.

may 8-14.jpg

As you can see my planner is a hot mess of to-do’s and other stuff mixed in together.

may 15-21.jpg

Especially since I work from home, I really don’t have many things planned that require me to plan them in my weekly.

may 22-28.jpg

I still like using a weekly, since sometimes there are things that have a specific date and time attached.

may 29-4.jpg

Next to this I also use a bullet journal as an adapted Getting Things Done system and that is working great. Even though the list seems really long at times. I can see I’m still getting things done and can cross them off my list.

Yet another thing to cross off my list and on to the next one.

Have a great week everyone,

xoxo Monique



2 thoughts on “My planner last Month

  1. Michelle Stebbins says:

    Hello Monique, I am writing you from Oregon USA & I am so happy to have found you out there in the Web world!! I am inspired by your blog & the way you journal/plan…the general way you use your travelers notebooks. I love your style! Anyway, I made my first purchase with you for some stickers & really great little things to start my brand new journey into this Travelers Notebook world. So…now for my question, I just love the brownish color ink you seem to use in a lot of your books. Your pics seemed to be filled with this great color ink!! Can you tell me what you use??
    Looking forward to delving deeper into this world of more paper & pens & leather & old school & a little less tech!


    1. Monique says:

      Hi Michelle, thank you for the compliment. The brown ink you see is from Waterman. I also use diamine ochre, which is a very nice brown ink as well.


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