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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Since the beginning of this year (march 2014) I’ve been involved in a project where people from all around the world share snippets of their life in a Traveler’s Notebook.

For a brief period of time they will host one of the projects Traveler’s Notebooks and capture their every day lives into the notebooks, with whatever medium they feel comfortable with. Be it writing, drawing, painting, photography or a combination of any of the above, anything goes.

A facebook group has been created for the group and many joined for the first trip around the world. Since there are so many people in the group, several subgroups have been cerated and each group has its own Traveler’s Notebook.

I made 2 Traveler’s Notebooks and inserts as a contribution to the project and coordinate both groups these travel within. These traveler’s have departed for the USA on april 14th 2014 for their first stop and continued their journey around the world from there on. Some of the pictures of these travelers have been shared on Flickr and on Facebook. I will try and get more pictures gathered there. There are also pictures on Instagram (#TravelingDori).

Last week one of the traveler’s came home after its first trip around the world and I was at awe. Its so wonderful to see all the contributions in the book, all those pieces of life from all around the world. To read about them, see their photo’s and feel their art and heart.

So I made a little video, yesterday evening, which doesn’t do it justice at all, but will give a little impression of the Traveler.

I named him Mîr Ardhon (Treasure World)

derived from Tolkien’s Elvish:


journey ◈ *lend S. [lˈɛnd] (lenn- S.) n. journey ← lenn-mbas PM/404, X/ND1
treasure ◈ mîr S., N. [mˈiːr] n. jewel, precious thing, treasure ◇ Ety/373, LotR/E, S/434, PM/348, LB/354, RGEO/73
around ◈ os- N. [ɔs] pref. about, around ◇ Ety/379
world ◈ ardhon S. [ˈɑrðɔn] n. augm. of ardh, 1. Geog. great region, province ○ 2. by ext., world ← Calenardhon S/386, PM/348 ◈ gardh S. [gˈɑrð] n. 1. Geog. bounded or defined region ○ 2. by ext., world ◇ WJ/402

He’s huge compared to my daily TN.

I’m barely able to hold him with one hand =)

It’s a pleasure to flick trhough all these wonderful colorful pages.

The first notebook is now filled completely.

The second one has still room to play.

The Junk journal insert I made has room to play as well.

And so does the last notebook.

Ready for another trip around the world in round 2 of this awesome project.

This week it’s my turn to add to the colorful and lively pages. Looking forward to that.

Round 2 of the project will be open to new members, so if you’re interested check out the group on facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

4 thoughts on “Traveling Dori, Mîr Ardhon

  1. Susanna says:

    OOOH WAU! What an interesting and beautiful book! I guess it takes a long time to read all those wonderful stories! Lucky you for having that treasure! Inspired by you I made my first midori last week from junk materials: SIELUNSOLINAA-BLOG Have a nice Sunday, Monique!


  2. Monique says:

    Thank you Susanna. Yours is looking fabulous! Love the insert you made for it with all the different pages.


  3. minä itse says:

    So corgeous! I really love your art! wow. I can´t even do the similar, so I just watch what you do here.
    -Vilimarika- http://somanyinspiration.blogspot.fi/


  4. Monique says:

    Thank you Mina =)


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