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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Yesterday I was browsing through Pinterest looking for some inspiration, I stumbled upon a beautiful collection of Tangle patterns. When I clicked trough to the blog I found they were made by a lovely lady named Emily Houtz. She made an entire set of Tangle reference cards and they were free to download.

With this many Tangle examples I figured I could perhaps make a booklet with Tangle examples to take with me in my Traveler’s Notebook. After a bit of fiddling (quite a bit actualy) I managed to get them into the format I wanted them and made a trial booklet for my daughter.

She loved it very much an proceeded to make a cover for her booklet filled with doodles. Her cover not finished so I can’t show it here yet, but she’s having so much fun with it.

Looking at this I thought maybe other people would like a booklet like this as well, so I wrote to Emily to see if she would mind me sharing the booklet I made with her Tangles. I got a lovely email back from her and she graciously allowed me to share the booklet template with you.

I adjusted the template file a little and made an example booklet. I’ll be taking this one with me in my RS TN.

The booklet consists of 60 pages.

Filled with tangle examples.

In several different styles.

And room to add your own at the end.

I made mine with a plain cover…just printed with the vintage pens…leaving room for me to doodle on the cover…. once I get a bit more practice. At least now I will always have some examples with me.

Please check out Emily’s blog or her Flickr pages for more inspiration. She has some wonderful examples.

The booklet pdf is free to download from the dropbox link on my Midori TN Free inserts page. You will find the template in the RS folder (RS tangle sets.pdf)

With printing this, set the printer to double sided printing (or brochure and flip on the short side). Use the booklet setting from the pdf settings, as shown in the picture below, select all pages and choose both sides for the subset when printing double sided. (sorry I only have the dutch version of the settings)

Have fun making your booklet and Tangles.

2 thoughts on “Got Tangled…

  1. Linda says:

    I love this and will most definitely be printing it out! Thanks to both you and Emily! I think I will use the blank tiles for practicing the tangles!


  2. Monique says:

    Thank you Linda. Have fun Tangling and doodling =)


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