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Last night I finished the first spread in Beate’s Round Robin art journal. I did plan to do both, but forgot I had a birthday party to go to. As my father-in-law turned 85 and we celebrated that happy fact last saturday.

At first I was a bit anxious to touch her journal, as she made such a beautiful book. I really didn’t want to ruin it, with me goofing around with paints and stuff.

Once I took some precautionary measures, like taping the spine and protective sheets under the pages I intended to work on, I got a bit more secure. While working on it I gained confidence and in the end I was just painting like as if it was my book =).

I did take a few progress shots and some details…

Here you can see the taped spine and the protective paper I folded under the pages.

I started with gesso and a collage of a printed picture of some hands, I initially intended to use in my River Song book. With Beate’s theme being Fools and/or Divinities, I felt the hands to be a representative of the Divine.

I then added some copper, turkuois and gold paint on top. The gold I added through a stencil.

Painted a lady and added some journalling about what those hands represent for me… well it is an art journal…

Added some stamping.

And some final details.

I’m not entirely sure if I think it is completely done.

But I think I will call it a day for now.

I might add a little something later.

A quote maybe, when I bump into the one that feels right.

I still have another spread to finish, so I have some time left to think.

I like how it turned out, I so hope Beate does too. Anyway, I’m off, got a dentist appointment this afternoon and I hope to finish the second spread tonight.

Thank you for watching and I wish you a wonderful day.

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16 thoughts on “First spread in Beate’s journal

  1. Kelly_Deal says:

    Beautiful journal pages. That face is gorgeous!


  2. Very creative and colorful journal pages ~ love your chosen colors and design ~ thanks for 'visiting ~
    carol ^_^


  3. What gorgeous pages! I am sure your friend will love these pages. The colours are lovely.


  4. Valerie-Jael says:

    Wonderful work, lucky Beate when she gets her album back! Have a fun day, Valerie


  5. Nat S says:

    oh, it is not simple… looks sad…
    you are very creative


  6. Beo says:

    Oh Monique, that is so wonderful!! Can't believe that I will have this in MY JOURNAL….. And it's kind of funny to see my Journal in your blog, on your table… And thanks for beeing that careful! And what you told about beeing a bit anxious to paint in it – thats what I felt when I did my pages in the other journals… It's good to know that this is not my personal problem… 🙂
    Ciao Beate


  7. Joyce says:

    Prachtig 🙂


  8. Lorraine says:

    i like the shading on the cheek and that eye at the top right..expressive


  9. a wonderful spread .. I am curious about the quote you maybe will add…

    I like this face and the colors…amazing!


  10. Only one word for this…. WoNdErfUlllll!! You are so clever Monique!


  11. Tracy says:

    Looks fabulous, Monique. I know exactly what you mean about being a bit tentative, though. Doing something in someone else's journal is always a daunting privilege.


  12. stunning painting!
    you have done with all detail! great page Monique!


  13. LonettA says:

    So gorgeous journal pages! The face is beautiful!


  14. Aga Gasiniak says:

    Truly Beautiful pages. Thank you for sharing


  15. Eifelwicht says:

    Such an adorable painting, Monique! Beate will be happy! Thanks for sharing!


  16. butterfly says:

    How exciting to be part of such a project, but I can imagine it's hard to start! What a glorious face, full of depth and beauty…
    Alison xx


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