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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Lately I’ve sortof been obsessed with making these Midori style Travelers Notebooks (MTN) and things to put in them. Trying to figure out how to put it all together and make those beautiful notebooks, covers and accesories.

What materials to use, the leather, the elastic and those nifty thingies they use to connect the elastic on the spine and yes I did find out what they were. Me being me, I obviously could not stop before I figured it all out…

I also joined two facebook groups (Midori Traveler’s Notebook resources and Midori Traveler’s Notebook Nederland) and have been having fun with posting a photo a day following prompts by Monia Marzo.

In the midst of all this, completely neglected my blog…well not completely, because I did make an extra page for the blog, where I keep a listing of my downloadable files for making the inserts for the Travelers Notebooks (TN).

I’ve also started selling these Travelers Notebooks though they are not listed in my store yet.

I’ve sold two TN’s so far. With the first one I was apparently a little flustered and completely forgot to make photo’s, but for the second one I did make photo’s and the buyer graciously allowed me to share them.

I added a booklet,

a kraft folder,

 some extra elastic and some extra tin clasps.

The leather is 2 mm thick and I dyed it myself. I finshed it with beeswax.

Here you can see the tin clasp I used for joining the elastic and the bookmark.

This is a Fieldnotes sized TN, which is 150-210 mm (folded open, booklet size 140-90 mm). I also make the regular sized and the passport sized ones, which are respectively 215-255 mm and 132-200 mm (folded open, booklet sizes, 210-110 mm and 124-89 mm).

I think it turned out realy beautiful and my daughter apparently thought the same, because she claimed one of the 4 I made =), so now I only have two left to sell =).

As I said I do sell them, but they are not in my shop yet, because at the moment me getting back on track, workwise, has my priority. You can however send me an email or leave me a message if you would like me to make you one. We can then discuss color and size and whatever else you would like =)

You can also make them yourselves as there are many good tutorials out there that show you how to make them and if you have any questions regarding this or the inserts on the freebees page, please just leave me a comment.

I’m now off to work in the art journal from Beate for the Round Robin and hope I will be able to send it out this weekend to the next participant. Here’s a sneek peek of her journal. More to come this weekend =).

Isn’t it gorgeous!

I so look forward to this weekend and to be allowed to work in her book.

I wish you all a lovely weekend

13 thoughts on “Travelers Notebooks and a sneek peek at Beate’s journal

  1. genius..that looks absolut stunning Monique… you are such a fab and artsy bookbinder!


  2. Valerie-Jael says:

    Really stunning, those notebooks should sell like hot cakes! Valerie


  3. Linda says:

    I can understand why your obsessed with creating books-you make such gorgeous ones!!! I didn't know you could wax coat leather.


  4. I do admire your book making skills! Your upcycling is terrific. How fabulous that you have sold your work! I am sure the buyer is absolutely delighted – and that your daughter is thrilled with hers too. The peek at the round robin journal is intriguing; it looks stunning! Nice to be peeking at your blog again. Julie Ann xx


  5. Karin says:

    Ze zien er dan ook prachtig uit, dus niet vreemd dat je er graag mee bezig bent! Fijn weekend!


  6. You have put a lot of time and effort into these books, as well as lots of research. I can tell you are truly vested in this venture. Good for you.


  7. leekre says:

    I to am obsessed with these books as well, and have been scouring the internet to find people who have been making them and what they do.



  8. Joyce says:

    Prachtige boeken, en cool dat je TN´s gaat verkopen. Veel succes 😀


  9. Wow, this looks totally amazing!! Both the leather and the inside looks so cool!! Fabulous! Love the sneak of that journal also!


  10. Beo says:

    Hello Monique,
    this book is georgeous! It is kind of simple in the meaning of noble. It looks as if it would have been made for a very important person …
    And thanks for the pictures of my journal. Yours are better than mine 🙂
    I'm so curious what you have painted in….
    Best Beate


  11. iHanna says:

    I love book binding and all things notebooky… Yours is very pretty!


  12. Eifelwicht says:

    Monique, I love your bookbinding and wonder, if you will meybe offer a bookbinding class one day. Not an online one, but a real one. I always have to see things with my eyes to understand them. (I hope you offer a course and you are not too far away from me) Please let me know!


  13. butterfly says:

    Another beautiful handbound book… and lovely to glimpse some more of the round robin project you are part of.
    Alison x


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