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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

To celebrate reaching 2500 followers on Instagram and having over 2500 members in our Facebook group we are having an Instagram photo contest.

Share your Fall planner setup photo’s on IG with the tag #LFTFALLSETUP and enter your photo in the contest to win this gorgeous Lady Falcon Hobo cover, completely setup for 2018.

Fall contest

Share the contest with your friends to gain as much as possible votes!

We, the team at Lady Falcon Travelers, will choose the winner from the top 3 with the most votes a week from today, September 28 at the end of the day (CET)

Go here to enter the contest.

We also added our new Special listings to the shop with 3 lovely Fall colors.

fall special

We selected the colors Maroon, Walnut and Light Tan as the Fall colors and these are now 10% off, before any coupon, during the course of the Fall special.

They will only be available through the Fall listings for the duration and will return to the regular listings and regular price after we close it. You can find them here.

Here are a few examples of the colors and of the prize for the Fall contest. Starting with the prize, a lovely Oxblood Lady Falcon Hobo with snap.


All setup with 2 Lightweight diaries for 2018 (Monthly and Weekly combination in the modern style)

An ivory dot-grid bullet journal and a folder.


It has Full pockets in the front and the back. with cardslots.


You can use it like a Travelers notebook, because it has the elastics, but you can also slide your hardcover insert into the pockets to use it as a cover for that.

Although we do think that the oxblood would’ve been a great choice for the Fall special listings, we went with the Maroon instead. Both colors are alike, but the Maroon is slightly warmer in tone.


What do you think, do those colors make you think about the fall?

I hope you join in the fun for the Fall contest and show us your fall planner setup pictures.

Have fun and good luck from all of us at Lady Falcon travelers.

xoxo Monique

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