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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

In 2016 I started a weekly photo challenge that should’ve take place every Wednesday …and didn’t…
Well it did at first, but got sidetracked due to the large amount of orders that came in starting from May 2016. Something I really didn’t anticipate and wasn’t prepared for at that time.
luckily I found some great help before the summer holiday and managed to get a studio build in the months after the holiday….but still too many orders and too little time to do anything with any weekly challenge whatsoever. I have since made some changes to the website, allowing only a few orders every week, but too late for the weekly photo challenge to take off again.
Still I would like to thank everyone that did participate in the weeks/months before things got “slightly” out of hand.

Now I did promise there would be a prize at the end of the year. The prize was a €100 gift certificate to our store, valid for all of 2017.
There were 12 photo’s selected over a course of 13 weeks. After excluding employees and family members, that left 10 photo’s to choose from and I asked the members of the Lady Falcon Facebook group to choose a winner for me. They were all great photo’s so it was a difficult choice.

The winner selected by the Facebook group members was Emily with this Photo of a gorgeous diary from 1930. Well worn and loved by the looks of it.


Emily selected a few items from the shop and since she has by now received them I can safely show them here.


I loved doing the photochallenge, however I think in the future, maybe a less ambitious approach to these kinds of things is better…with say a months run time and not a year…

If you have any suggestions as to challenges that might be fun for 2017, please let me know in the comments.

Have a great Day,

xoxo Monique

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