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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

This weeks #weeklyphotochallenge2016, Notebook & Beverage,  should be right up my alley, since I do like making shots of my Notebooks and I love my beverages…specially my coffee. Being Dutch, coffee is a thing that is the pride of every home, at least that is how I remember it from when I was young. Besides, … making coffee in those days really was a thing.


You’d have to measure the correct amount of coffee and add just the right amount of water…, but, as it is with any beverage, people get used to a certain taste, so the only right coffee is the home made coffee you’d drink every day, with a certain blend and a certain strength…


Well I must admit, I am glad that this has gotten so much easier over the years, now with those pre-portioned coffeemakers, there’s really nothing to it.


Obviously there’s still different blends and different tastes. Which means that in our house there are at least 4 different blends, since we all like something else.


I love that you can do that with the coffee makers of today.


Now Back to the Notebook and beverage, there’s a little thing with me and my coffee. I used to drink coffee all day long. Being in IT, there was no escaping that. With my high blood pressure however, my GP told me I should drink less coffee. So I made a little rule for myself.


I can only drink coffee in the mornings and only after 10 o`clock…


and now that I run my own business, I have added some rules to it and am only allowed to drink coffee after I finished the first tasks of the day and get to sit down with my notebook and planner, to plan out the rest of the day.


I kinda like my little rules, they make life easier and following up on those gives me the satisfied feeling that even if I didn’t get anything else done like I planned that day, I still did those things on my everyday list and it still feels like I accomplished something.

Really it is about the little things in Life, especially when recovering from a burn-out, which is still something I deal with everyday.


So show us your Notebooks and Beverages in the Lady Falcon Traveler’s Notebook Facebook group and tag them #weeklyphotochallenge2016nr4.  Every week the photo with the most likes will be chosen for the group banner and that photo will get entered in the contest at the end of the year.

This weeks winner is Robin with her Well Worn Fabric Traveler

weeklyphotochallenge2016nr3 Robin Sherman

There will be 2 prizes for the weekly winners, one audience favorite prize and one admin favorite prize, so please tag your photo correctly so we can choose the photo with the most likes every week!

Hope to see you (and you beverages) there and I wish you a wonderful week,

xoxo Monique

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