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In my last blogpost I referred to my suitcase with Traveler’s Notebook inserts….

This suitcase belonged to an aunt of my mother and she took it with her on every trip she took. She loved Traveling. However the suitcase is now not very practical anymore and I wouldn’t want it to get damaged from traveling. With that in mind and my collection of Traveler’s Notebook inserts and other journals that I’ve been keeping and collecting over the years, I thought it very fitting that they should stay in the suitcase.



So here it is, a short but picture heavy post.

These are by no means all the inserts and journals I have, some live on shelves others in drawers and I have quite a few Traveler’s keeping inserts as well


But here we are, a few booklets in a suitcase from somewhere in the 1950-60s


It’s been around a bit and so have some of the inserts in it.


I do like the look of this colorful chaos


The suitcase is mostly closed to keep the booklets from gathering dust.


But I sometimes open it to look through it


Mostly for no reason at all.


Maybe just browse through a few, get a feel of the paper.


Remember some things and some people.


And gather ideas that got lost in time, buried under layer upon layer of days going into months going into years….

I wish I could keep every memory alive all the time, but I can’t and that’s OK. I have my suitcase and every now and again I can take a little peek at them.

I would love to know what you use to keep your notebooks, let me know in the comments =)

Have a great week.

xx Monique



4 thoughts on “A suitcase full of Travelers…

  1. I love the idea of storing them in a suitcase! Such a sentimental idea


    1. Monique says:

      Thank you Aubree.


  2. nelografie says:

    Aaaawwwwwww beautiful pictures and such a great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Monique says:

      Thank you, you’re very kind ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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