Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Well, that is, it’s easy enough if you go with all the defaults, but to make it your own and have all the bells and whistles you saw in other shops, that you really thought were awesome….That ain’t easy… However being a former IT admin, I do know a bit about these things.

I’ve build a website before and dabbled with html and style sheets and stuff, had several blogs and know a little bit of scripting, so I should be fine…

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However it looks like it’s going to be a lengthy process. I’m doing it all next to the up and running Etsy store, which is going great, which in turn means there not all too much time to spend on things like setting up my own store front…

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I finally managed to get it all up and running last week and filled the store with all stuff I had already made, like the Turquoise Traveler you see in the picture below. I was so happy and proud to have it all listed and have my own store…the first of my goals for 2016 already accomplished and it wasn’t even 2016 yet…

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Now this store is going to be the face of Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets and I want it to have a touch of me, the things I like and cherish. Things that speak to me. I’ve now been making Traveler’s Notebooks since 2013 and have feel I have developed a unique style and approach to things. I like to work with you to make you the notebook you want.

In this new store I will also strive to have things already made, develop my brand and style and grow, both personally and professionally.

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I have been working on my new type of inserts for the store, the Falcon Files. They will soon be available ready to go in the new store. Still working out the kinks in the early birds and since this also has to happen alongside the thriving Etsy shop…it may not be next week. However I’m happy with how they are turning out so far.

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The new store will not only have already made items, you will also be able to purchase custom made Travelers and other items, just like you were used in the Etsy store. I hope to be able to get these up and running in the next month. I hope the ordering process will get a lot easier, because the options the new store front offers are better to shape to the Notebook possibilities. Until then all is still available in the Etsy store.

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I also love that I now get to make and design a storefront with pretty pictures and I already started to take some of the quotes I collected over the years. Quotes that I felt are appropriate and somehow speak of the way I feel about my Traveler’s Notebooks.

I’ve set up a coupon code for 20% off in January 2016, celebrating the new year and new beginnings, a fresh start. You can find it both on Etsy and in the new shop, just click on the [Get Discount] button. I hope to see you there sometime and I hope you check back often to see how the store will change over the course of this year. I know I am very excited about things to come and have a gazillion ideas I want to implement… however the days still only have 24 hrs, so I’ll all have to be one by one.

Have a wonderful and fabulous 2016 and I hope you are as excited as I am about the things the new year will bring.

xx Monique


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