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Just a quick post today, with a video tutorial I made about printing and making A6, Fieldnotes (Pocket), Passport sized booklets when you onlu have A4 sized paper.

I don’t think this will work with letter sized paper, because the dimensions and proportions are not completely comparable to A4 paper. However, the templates for FN and PP booklets might work.

If you do get it to work, please let me know =)

I also have a few pictures of the little passport I made.

I  made it last night after I came home from work and drove for 1.5 hrs through a whole lot of snow….
It’s so much fun to make these.

Definitely feel like everything is coming together.

I can take everything I’ve learned in the past years…

And pour it into these notebooks =)

This little passport traveler will go up in my shop soon and  if you want to make your own booklets, I have several templates freely available. I also sell templates through my Etsy shop, as instant downloads.

Please remember, there’s a difference between the A6/FN/PP templates for A5 printing and those that are A4 printing, as I showed in the video.

If you want a specific template, but can’t find it, you can always drop me a line and I will try to make it together with you and for you.

I hope you enjoy making your booklets. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer all.

Have a wonderful day.

3 thoughts on “A6, Fieldnotes/Pocket or Passport booklet making tutorial

  1. kyl1961 says:

    Monique I absolutely enjoyed watching your process in the making of an insert. There are so many possibilities! I just wish my printer would print on both sides!!! Your midoris are gorgeous to say the least 😉


    1. Monique says:

      Thank you Kay, you are very kind =)


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