Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Today I finally made a video flip through of my daily Traveler’s Notebook. I think a new video was long overdue, specialy now that I’m approaching 1000 subscribers on YouTube….

Which also means there’s a giveaway coming. =)

First for the 1000 subscriber mark and secondly to celebrate the fact that I’ve now been making Traveler’s Notebook for over a year and still loving them. Finding new ways to use them and trying out new techniques, like with my new “Journey” TN.

It replaces my old (32, sadly not 42) work TN.

Finding new ways to work with leather.. well I needed a new pen-case….

The black pen-case is the second I made and the brown one below is the first one I made, the prototype so to speak..

Made one for my daughter as well and plan to start selling them, once my leather supplier has sourced the right leather.

I’m using the Traveler’s Notebooks as a planner, journal, for my etsy shop and as an art journal.

And have quite a few in use at the moment…

I love the versatility of these notebook covers 😉

I hope you liked my little video flip-through and I hope to be back soon with a give away.
Have a wonderful week

2 thoughts on “My daily Traveler’s Notebook, planner and common place book / journal

  1. Thank you sharing the journey through your journal. I loved it!


  2. Monique says:

    =) Thank you Rose


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