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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

A year has passed since I made my first leather Traveler’s Notebook and I’ve been using this sytem now for well over a year.

I’ve been making my own diaries and inserts right from the start and have adapted the system to suit my needs. I’ve used several different lay-outs and setups through-out this period, but I think I have now found a setup that works exactly how I like it.

I have 4 RS TN’s for different purposes, one for work, one for art journaling, one for my Etsy store and one personal journal and diary/agenda. I also have a Fieldnotes sized TN for lists and keeping track of online orders and a small Passport sized one that I use as a wallet.

At first I used a setup with a MOTP, a WOTP and a daily diary with a chronodex adaptation to fit a 24 hr day. As time progressed and I was slowly overcoming the symptoms of my burn-out, I found I didn’t need a full daily page to keep track of what I was doing. I did however want to keep at least a page per week.

 ___Warning, picture heavy post___

 I didn’t like how everything was in seperate booklets and wanted to contain it all into one. So I designed a diary that would do all that, the MOTP, the weekly and a page per week for tasks and stuff.

 This month I tried this setup out after having tested it for my work diary.

Here’s the MOTP, which is followed by the weekly pages.

I felt the boxes were to dark, so for the new template I made the boxes thinner/lighter…but I’ll have to wait till the new year comes around to use the new template…no sense wasting a perfectly good diary, right?

The first week I kept fairly simpel. Used a fountain pen with pink ink, bought originally for my daughter, but I think I’m going to keep it =)

Now I’m pretty sure these pictures are not very interesting for anyone who isn’t interrested in diaries and planning and such.

Still, I thought I’d add them, just to give the complete picture 😉

And who knows you might like this setup, in which case these pictures may give you an impression about how this can be used.

Now we’ve come to the next month and a few things are already entered in there, among other things, my 22nd wedding anniversary 😉

As you can see, the monthly pages go before the weekly.

To keep the weeks from splitting I decided to place the monthly pages in front of the week where the thursday was in the new month. Like the way we decide wether the first day of the new year is also in the first week of the new year…

When I feel I don’t have enough space or, like in this case, I want something I can move to another page/week, I use tip-ins with washi.

At the end of the booklet I pasted a list with tried and tested menu ideas…in case we run out of things to think of for dinner.

to the right I pasted a list with dutch holidays.

I mark those on the last pages as well, since these are yearly overviews.

In this TN I also have a Midori zipper pouch.

A home made file folder with pen-loops.

A Midori card file.

And a journaling booklet.

Which will be full tonight…

I won’t show pictures of the journaling booklet in this blogpost, since this one is picture heavy enough as it is.

I like decorating my booklets, but I’m not prone to using any one style…

I just use whatever I feel like.

Or even whatever I bump into at the time on my desk…

I have 3 bookmarks, that I don’t use as such, but I do like to keep some charms on there.

There’s a little elephant, an oister I bought from a friend’s shop and the remaining wings of a fairy I got in a swap last year…honestly, it was a fairy. It broke off, but as a reminder of the kindness of the person who sent it, I keep the wings on there 😉

I hope you liked my boring diary pages anyhow and I wish you a lovely week.

10 thoughts on “How I’m using my Traveler’s Notebooks at the moment

  1. Susanna says:

    Oh so wonderful! I just love everything you do! Have a nice week!


  2. Not at ALL boring! I love everything!


  3. Awesome setup my dear.. The funny thing is that today I downloaded your wotp and motp files and I wanted to try to put them together to see how it looks.. but you already did that and it's perfect so thank you ❤ ... you are amazing Monique 🙂


  4. Monique says:

    Thank you Susanna, you too =)


  5. Monique says:

    Thank you Susi


  6. Monique says:

    Thank you Marsia, yes it works great. I made the sdame setup for my daughter and her friends in an academic year setup. I was afraid it would be funny to have the month right before the week, but no, I love it =) you realy should try it.


  7. Cheri says:

    Hi Monique, I'm new to your site and I am looking for a Midori made by you. You are brilliant in your art, and I was excited to see the photos without the least bit of boredom. Thank you for letting us peek into your world. I am in planner hell at the moment purely indecision on my part. I have many beautiful Filofaxes and a Gillio. I did start a Midori in July and I loved it. I use my Malden Filofax as a wallet and I am having difficulty transitioning to the Midori for the use of a wallet. I am curious what you use. I have a friend who purchased a beautiful handmade Midori TN and Field notes (I think). The design is gorgeous and that is what I'm interested in. I don't know what you have available but I'm very interested. Is it possible to have the leather a bit wider to accommodate for more books, in both covers? Thanks so much, Cheri…Hugs


  8. Monique says:

    Thank you Cheri. =)
    For a TN request, you may want to check out my store on etsy. You can also ask for a custom request there,


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