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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

I got Tracy’s journal in the beginning of December, just a week before I got Lee’s journal and all came to a halt. It’s a wonderful journal, in a format I never saw before.

I loved working in it, though I did clamp the sides down for easier transport while open =). But then, I have to that anyhow, since I like to muck around with paints, Which means I have to use protective sheets to keep the other pages clean.

Here are some photographs of the journal and the previous pages.

Tracy used the theme “Thoughts of home” and both Jessica and Lee had already done some beautiful pages in it.

Jessica’s pages

And Lee’s pages

They both used a fold-out of the journal and as I wasn’t sure how Tracy intended it to be done, I figured I would do the same.

I started on the back though… as, apparently, I like to be the odd one out =)

Had a lot of fun making these little houses and added this lovely quote by Dickens:

Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one
stronger than magician ever spoke,
or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.

But then after I counted al the possible numbers of spreads in the journal, I figured I could do an extra as there was enough room. …I hope that’s alright Tracy…

I had this image of a girl I wanted to use for a painting and felt she looked very pensive and dreamy. Perfect for a a spread about “Thoughts about home”. So I really wanted to paint her as well…

I used the last page on the front side of the journal for this.

Used some gold embossing powder.

Altered some letters I had.

And glued the word Home to the page.

I like how she turned out, but she is terribly difficult to photograph.

After I finished her, I went back to the first page and doodled a little more on that one.

I really like how this page turned out as well. Even though they are both very different.

Lastly before sending both Gayle’s and Tracy’s journals on their way, I made matching tags. To signify that they were both done together =)

Both journals are safely on their way now to the next participants. I had a lot of fun doing these and, as I am on a roll now, I will continue on to the next two. Since Lee’s journal is next in line (although it came a bit early) and Jessica’s journal arrived today as well =).

Thank you for watching and I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

9 thoughts on “Tracy’s Round Robin Art Journal

  1. I love both pages you made..
    I specially love the golden dust on her face…AMAZING!!!



  2. forgot to write that the tags are wonderful created too…

    gorgeous Mixed Media Monique!


  3. Valerie-Jael says:

    The pages you have made are wonderful, as are those tags. Great work! Have a nice Sunday, hugs, Valerie


  4. Valerie-Jael says:

    The pages you have made are wonderful, as are those tags. Great work! Have a nice Sunday, hugs, Valerie


  5. Alex says:

    WOW Monique, you did some fantastic pages!
    I love them both but the girl with its golden shine is my favourite.
    Have a nice weekend!


  6. butterfly says:

    Such a variety of artistic work on show – what an astonishing journal it will be with so many different artists and styles… Love your pages, Monique!
    Alison x


  7. Tracy says:

    These are beautiful, Monique! Can't wait til my journal arrives back with me and I can see all the loveliness properly. You really are on a roll!
    And I left the format open to see what people would do – there's no right or wrong way to interact with it I just thought it would be fun 🙂


  8. Als ik het goed begrijp vullen jullie dus elkaars AJ's Monique?
    Prachtige gevarieerde resultaten…het gezicht spreekt mij het meest aan…wow!


  9. Corn Dena says:

    how creative the artwork!


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