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Instead of doing a post every day, I think I will keep grouping them together. This way it feels less like pressure and more like fun making them. As it was intended. So here are my faces #8, 9 and 10 for the 29 Faces in 30 days challenge.

To be honest I have been struggling a bit with this. I felt I was doing the same thing each time and I didn’t want that. So I started trying out some different things.

Here are some close ups of the three different faces I made and some explanation with each one.

Face #1 was made in my (mostly text) journal with just a regular bic ballpoint. I guess I was inspired by the black lines around the boxes of the photo collages I make with picasa.

It’s tiny, but that was part of the fun. I’m sort of reverting to the way I used to draw and doodle in my agenda’s when I was in school. Many, many years ago.

I liked the black and white outlines so much I took them into my altered book art Journal and made this.

I made the blocks with acrylic paint and was going to make a face in each block. Made the eyes with colored pencils and markers. stamped the date and then went completely blanc…

I didn’t want to put anything else next to the eyes. I remembered the quote from Art Journal Journey, “Less is more” and figured it was true.

So I wrote the quote in the blocks with ballpoint pen and had fun doing so =).

Then when I was working in my day book (smash whatever) I found a picture of a lady I wanted to draw.

So I did.

And I realy like her.

She was done all with stabilo markers. Something I thought I couldn’t do.

And she looks realy happy. Also something I thought I couldn’t do. She made me happy and with drawing her I’m back on track with the 29 faces challenge so that makes me happy as well =).

With that I leave you, off to get my allergies retested and I will be back later to see what my fellow artists have been making.

I wish you all a very happy day =).

22 thoughts on “29 Faces check-in #8, 9 and 10

  1. I'm really liking these mixed media effects.
    Judy #122


  2. Net als bij Marianne, ook hier zulke gave resultaten Monique…leuke en knappe variatie laat je hier zien!


  3. Valerie-Jael says:

    Lovely work! Valerie


  4. Alle 3 mooi op hun eigen manier. De laatste spreekt me het meest aan. Prachtig. Ik herken de Washi tape hihi (heb ik ook 😀 )


  5. Dawn says:

    Gorgeous work Monique, I love the variety and different approaches to each one, what fun!
    Huge hugs x


  6. butterfly says:

    Wow – love that you're branching out in your styles and materials. The eyes are stunning in the grid page, and I think exactly the right decision to let them speak alone… and the final woman is wonderful – so full of joy!
    Alison x


  7. Beo says:

    I like all faces you have shown today but I love the last one. To paint a face like this just with markers is great art!!

    xx Beate


  8. Eyes have really been the keypoint in these faces, I think! Every time I've been so impressed with how expressive you've made them. The last lady does really smile with her eyes not just her lips and the focus on eyes alone was terrific. I used to spend so much time doodling in school too! You've really inspired me to 1. Get altering books properly 2. To stretch myself and include more of my own art work in projects! Thank you, Monique! Julie Ann xx


  9. Clare says:

    Thank you for your visit and comments Monique! Oh My I am loving all your faces so far. They show you have a unique style. I will follow so I don't miss any. 🙂


  10. Tracy says:

    Wow! I can't believe that last one was all with markers. Amazing!


  11. Oh wow.. that´s all amazing Monique and the last woman face is just wonderful art with the Stabilo Markers! wow!
    Thank you for joining in AJJ with this very special and beautiful idea on the black!


  12. I do know what you mean Monique, it is harder than I imagined to come up with time and new ideas every day. I as you know love your style and this time really love your use of marker pens, Fabulous.


  13. Maelchen says:

    I have visited your blog often without leaving a comment. So it is just about time I tell you, how much I admire your work!I am always inspired and love to join your journey!


  14. SLScheibe says:

    The brown haired girl is just gorgeous. I love the sketchy feel of this portrait!


  15. I truely admire your skill of sketching the faces !great


  16. Wowwwww, einfach toll!

    LG Carola


  17. LonettA says:

    Wonderful pieces of art!! Nicely done!


  18. Jeannette says:

    Wowwww,your faces all amazing,i loove it to much.

    Hugs Jeannette


  19. Eifelwicht says:

    Wow Monique,
    your three ladies are beautiful! I love that they are all made in a different style. Very impressive!


  20. sara j says:

    ….what a beauty number three is…….


  21. Giggles says:

    So beautiful!!

    Hugs Giggles


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