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It’s time again for yet another workdesk hop all around the world. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go and check out Julia’s blog, Stamping Ground and she’ll explain it all to you. From there you can also visit all other participating workdesks.

My workdesk this week is a rather funny one, as I’m getting to grips with making youtube video’s .

On the desk you can see the journal page I was filming. Which I finished right in time to post the video and the page here.

First things first. Last week I posted a birthday giveaway and I promised to let my daughter draw a winner from among the comments, both here and on Youtube.

I wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments and your birthday wishes. They really made my day(s).

I printed all the names from the Blogger comments and the YouTube comments and put them in a bowl.

I then let my daughter draw a name and the winner is…..drum roll….

Congratulations Sarah. I hope you like your booklet. I have sent you a message via YouTube asking you to send me your snail mail address.

Now back to what’s on my workdesk and how my nails look nothing like my daughters after my last journal page. My stripey page, though you wouldn’t know it, looking at it now. To see the stripes you wil have to check out the progress (speed) video on YouTube.

I’m still trying things out, different angles and stuff…and whether my bookcase is strong enough…with all this hovering over my head…

So yeah, no progress pics, but a video instead. I do however have some close up shots.

I won’t go through all the steps I went through to get to this point, as you can see those in the video.

Instead I would like to say something about the quote I used on this page.

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” by Salvador Dali.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ambition these last months, ever since I was diagnosed with a burn out.

Mostly about how to prevent it from happening again and about what has to change to make that so.

About how I am to remain myself within all this change.

About how my competencies can be both my strenght and my weakness

and how my drive and ambition can be my downfall, but how they also make me who I am.

So I’m trying to find my balance through art journalling, journalling and humor.

And that’s what the stripes are for, because, as you can see here, these lines are made for writing…=)

Now I know not everybody will see the humor in this line (think boots), but that’s ok. I had fun making this page and I like how it turned out. The video is not perfect, but I’m learning and getting better all the time (oops, I did it again…)

I also got a wonderful surprise last monday, when I found out that the ATC’s I made for the WOYWW4  anniversary swap were amongst the top 3 at Fun with ATC’s challenge #88 – Recycling. Great start of the week.

So that’s it from me for now, if you want to see some more busy workdesks, go check out Julia’s blog for links to the other workdesks. I’m signing off to do my rounds.

Happy WOYWW to you all and I wish you all a wonderfull week.

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50 thoughts on “WOYWW 212 and winner birthday giveaway

  1. Dan says:

    Great journal page and great blog post too, made for an interesting read. Thanks for joining us for this week's Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge!


  2. Valerie-Jael says:

    Fantastic work Monique! Valerie


  3. Your journal page is absolutely lovely. I am really moved by it and the meditation behind it. I shall think about the quote and ideas in the coming days, actually. It is lovely that your journal brings you such fulfillment. Julie Ann #64


  4. Buttons says:

    Fabulous journal page Monique! Need to have a go at videos too so it's interesting to see how you tackled it. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #54


  5. Your journal page is beautiful. We're always looking for new inspiration so we're off to check our your Youtube video.

    Waving hi from The House of Bears @#93 this week


  6. Interesting set up for videoing, I need to practice more
    Bridget #3


  7. I like your set up and it's great to see all the detailed shots of the page. I love it and must make time to watch the video – but not till I'm done desk hopping. Oh the tyranny of WOYWW….


    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (26)


  8. Uniflame says:

    Wow! I do love your post. Such nice closeup pictures! I might check out the video when I have some time 🙂 But I love reading about everything already! Uniflame – 96


  9. Helen says:

    LOVE your journal!! I will get a chance to watch the video later. Helen, 7


  10. Hi Monique, I've just watched your great video whilst eating my lunch (before going to work). You make it look so easy! Stunning project. xx 90


  11. Candace says:

    fabulous pages

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week

    Candace #43


  12. Hi Monique, really enjoyed your video – the overhead camera angle worked best for me as we can see exactly what you're up to. Love your pages, and really enjoyed seeing how you built up the layers. Thanks for your visit today MMx #56


  13. thanks for popping over Monique and saw your post , just found it thanks for that!!

    …and well your are having fun here too! happy playing..
    ..and happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #16


  14. Candy C says:

    Congratulations to Sarah! Monique…your art journal pages are stunning. I so love the colors and the layers you've built up on this piece. Loved the video! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful art and techniques with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. ❤ Candy


  15. Krisha says:

    Thanks for the earlier visit to my blog and your wonderful comments.
    Your journal pages are fabulous!!!!
    Now I'll go back and watch your video
    Krisha #12


  16. Krisha says:

    Just popped back in to say your video was fantastic!!


  17. Monique says:

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!


  18. Anne says:

    That journal is wonderful! I'm always amazed at such beautiful work…such freedom and inspiration! …and I want to touch it!!!! Great work! Bravo! Thanks for popping by and saying hello too….spearmint is my fav mint in strawberry jam and yes, lemon juice is a must to set it! I'm just off to make some now! Happy WOYWW!#70


  19. Sandy Leigh says:

    Your journal page is absolutely stunning! I love the name of your blog. Several years ago I played Morgan Le Fay in Camelot at our Little Theatre! The makeup guy strung mini-lights all through my big ratted up hair every night, and then I had to wear a battery pack. Too fun. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #14


  20. Winnie says:

    Thank you for your kind visit today! I am in awe of your journal. That is a great quote! I love it. I think he was a genius! Winnie#86


  21. Brilliant journaling pages, love all the layers and textures. Well done on getting to grips with making a video…I wouldn't know where to start! Hugs. Pam#28


  22. Shaz Brooks says:

    Your Journal is awesome, love all the colour and texture. I am a huge Salvadore Dali fan too, I think his work is amazing. Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #48 xx


  23. What a fantastic journal page! I will try to get a look at your u-tube video.Chris117


  24. Great pages, with so many creative details Monique!

    kind regards, Alie 🙂


  25. sara j says:

    You have no idea how EXCITED I was to be selected the winner of that amazing journal!! In fact I was so excited I didn't really read the post first and so have left you a message on you tube with my snail mail address. Whoops. I am in love with your style of expression…it's lush, and detailed and layered and full of meaning and texture. It just doesn't get any better than that. I was 40 years old when I burned out – my body contracted four of the most bizarre diseases of the immune system at the same time. I ended up have to quit the job I adored and was very good at, beacuse it was literally killing me. Okay, I was kind of killing myself with a bunch o' bad choices. I never imagined myself not working. It was over a year before I could consider what was next. It's a tough process. If you're interested in exchanging stories, I'm all ears.
    AND thanks for stopping by the Fun Room in WOYWW.
    Sara j (for jansen) # 67


  26. So excited by your you tube video! I love watching tutorials, your finished page is fabulous!!!!


  27. Super mooie pagina's Monique en zoveel prachtige details.

    Groetjes Janny


  28. Wow, great journal page and good luck with the videos too. Thanks for the card love and have a wonderful week!

    Brenda 2


  29. Fandhmum says:

    Gorgeous journal,
    Rosie x


  30. Liz Black says:

    What a great journal page and I love your descriptions. I will go and watch your video – I'm very impressed, it's something I need to start doing and I'm finding it all a bit daunting…. perhaps I just need to stop thinking about it and just do it!! Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words. Hope you have a great woyww week. Liz@71


  31. Gosh how brave are you doing a video – I don't think I'll ever be that technical!! Lovely journal page and yes, humour is always a good way to go although strangely I don't seem to put so many funny things in my art as I did a couple of years ago (not funny 'ha ha' just things that made me smile). Probably means I'm starting to take myself too seriously, will have to put a stop to that! Tyhanks for stopping by, Cindy


  32. Monique says:

    Thank you all for your sweet comments. They are very encouraging.

    I must admit, the video thing is proving a bit challenging for me, but I promised myself I would tackle it…just one step at a time =)
    I'll get there =)


  33. dottielottie says:

    Great job with the video I loved watching your process for the journal page which is magnificent.
    Thanks for visiting me already.
    Happy art (and video making
    Hugs Lottie #10


  34. G'day Monique
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. I'm always running late getting around to others desks sorry. Oh wow I loved watching yr speedy process to make your gorgeous art journal page. Just awesome!
    Annette In Oz #23


  35. Marit says:

    intelligence, ambition, balancing, art, burn out… it sounds like ME speaking here. How come I did not find your blog earlier? (or did I, and forgot about it in the hectic of life?) I will safe your link now… I LOVE your art journal spread! Happy ~ belated ~ woyww. Marit #91


  36. butterfly says:

    Amazing pages – and what a wonderful post altogether… It sounds as though we're going through similar phases in life – I wish I could express it with as much beauty and spontaneity as you do in your art.

    Congratulations to Sara – and I will definitely be back to watch the video when I have a bit more time.
    Alison xx


  37. would like to see more steps…its so intresting and i love the soft colors….


  38. Karin says:

    wow wow wow wat een gave pagina zeg! ik vond het erg leuk om het filmpje te bekijken, hoe alles tot stand kwam, ook een heerlijk muziekje eronder!
    Groetjes Karin


  39. Congratulations on the ATC shoutout and good luck with the new video process! Special best wishes to you on your journey to find your balance!! Enjoy the week and thanks for coming by to visit me! Happy WOYWW!! Darnell #32


  40. Carole says:

    Gorgeous journal pages!


  41. Nan G says:

    Cool pages! Good luck with the videos. Hope that arm thingy doesn't fall on you. 🙂 Happy WOYWW! Nan G #108


  42. Neet says:

    Beautiful journal page – now I am off to check out your You Tube. Sorry I am so late – first I got hooked on cleaning (yes cleaning) and then I had to play catch up on my blog replies so I did the numbered ones first but hey ho, here I am and the wish is still the same – Thanks for visiting me, Happy WOYWW and have a good week. Hugs, neet 13 xx


  43. ike says:

    OMGoodness – those pages are divine 🙂
    Just working my way round all the Peeps at WOYWW 🙂

    IKE xx # 35


  44. Martina2801 says:

    Wow – what an impressive page, Monique!
    Stunning work.


  45. Pia Rom says:

    I love your journal page so much and can´t wait to see the vid watching you create it ! All those details!! Love the little lace things 🙂 ♥ Conny


  46. FANTASTIC!!!! And a video too! WOW! Love your pages! Gorgeous layers, stripey layers, and wonderful soft colors! Love the statue too…perfect addition…so artsy and old world, yet nouveau on here! Love the quotes as well! Thanks for showing us your stripes this week here at Simon Says Stamp & Show!


  47. Jeannette says:

    WOW!!! What a fantastic journal page, i love the stone woman and the great details,georgus,love it.

    Greetings Jeannette


  48. Oh Monique …I really love your journal page so much and I can´t wait to see the video watching your progress ! All those fantastic details and deppt with the layers! completley on my taste! Love all on it!

    I am a big Fan!

    xxx Susi


  49. Laura says:

    Hugely late but I've been away and am desperately catching up on WOYWW comments!
    Love your work 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by


  50. Morti says:

    v cool journal page – hope you're feeling a bit more on form since your burn out.

    Keep well – thanks for visiting me this week – sorry I'm so late getting here (better late getting round than never!!)


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