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Last week I didn’t do very much in my art journal. I did start a page on sunday evening. Continued with it on monday and then put it all away. Didn’t touch it all again till thursday when I remembered the challenge over at Mix It Monthly for may/june. The prompt was yellow vintage girl goes Picasso. This sparked something with me and I went looking for some picasso inspiration and some vintage inspiration. Fliddled around a bit with that and ended up with this.

Which is not at all how I started the page.

I actually started out with some collaging on the page.

Journaled all over it and then did some doodling. Nothing fancy, just some flowers and a butterfly.

Then put it away, because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted with the page.  On monday evening I picked my art journal up again and apparently I wasn’t feeling very happy, as I covered my butterfly and flowers up with some green paint and scratched all over it.

I did feel better though, after doing that. I don’t believe the page agreed…

So I put it away again untill thursday when I thought of the Mix it up Picasso challenge. Now I’m afraid I may not have read Piarom’s promt very well. I did incorporate the two pictures she gave, but I used them more as an inspiration.

The first picture I used as inspiration for the vintage time period. I had this picture of a vintage lady and I liked the colors.

I then found this painting by Picasso, that I liked very much. Nice and warm colors and the green, well there was already a lot of green on my page. (I hope it’s alright to show the picture, but I believe it is in the public domain)

I didn’t feel like printing and then painting over Piarom’s second picture and as my mind was set on painting and not collaging I skipped that step.

I used the lady’s face and angle, but the pose from the left figure in Picasso’s painting. I also used the colors in the Picasso painting as a guide for my page.

Started out with outlining her in white stabilo pencil.

Added some soft yellow and shading with a black stabilo pencil and soft pastels.

Detailed it a bit more with orange, brown and black acrylic paint.

Felt it needed more yellow to stay closer to the prompt and because she was still too soft. I mixed my green with yellow as well, so I used a lot of yellow paint. Made her a bit more picassoy, well I gave it a shot…

I love the texture of the page with all those layers. Almost leathery.


Added a quote from Picasso that I felt was appropriate to what I was doing.

And ended up with a page that I do and don’t like. When I look at it with a forgiving eye, I like it. When I look at it with the eyes of the perfectionist that lives within me, not so much. Now I could fiddle on with it for many, many more hours, but as I need to learn how to let go, I will call it a day and post it here. Posting it means it’s done, go and do something else. Leave well enough alone. So that’s what I did, it’s not perfect, but it got me going again and washed away some of the dust of my life.

Thank you all for watching and I hope you like my Picasso meets vintage mixer =).

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23 thoughts on “Mix It Monthly – Picasso meets vintage

  1. Pia Rom says:

    Oh my, sooooo very cool how you did this amazing page…LOVE it so much! all the layering that is shown in her face..the texture is gorgeous…would love to feel the texture, hehe…Thank you so much for showing all the stages! that is wonderful and of course thank you for beeing part of the Picasso-mixing-crew this month 😉 ♥♥♥ by Mix It Monthly



  2. Valerie-Jael says:

    Love this page. It is just amazing! Valerie


  3. I love this page and the process of getting to it. Thank you for sharing all the various stages it went through. I'm inspired!


  4. Monique says:

    Thank you for your sweet comments. It's a funny thing this art journaling. It has a life of its own, it seems.


  5. die amelie says:

    Awesome painting, Monique!

    Love the quote you used and I adore your art journaling! It definitely has a life on its own… as has every honest approach to art I guess…for example I can not just start a project just by “wanting to do something good to show”… there always has to be some kind of “invitation”…by some stuff I find rumbling around or cleaning up, by seeing something inspirational, by letting materials leed the way most of the time… 😉

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my box! This really means a lot to me 🙂

    Claudia x


  6. Alles-Art says:

    Oh Monique, I thank you so much for this posting and this wonderful piece of art! You don't like it too much? I do definitely LOVE it!
    Not only because of the nice shape of the lady, but also for the colours you used and for the Picasso quote!

    And I have to thank you. Thank you for showing me that it is not necessary to pull out pages of the art journal, which you started but then don't like. (That's what I do at the moment.) I learned from you that is ok to leave them for a while and if you still don't like them just start something totally new out of them.

    Thanks so much!!!



  7. Kim says:

    Love seeing the progression of your work and the final result is gorgeous!


  8. Dawn says:

    So interesting going from blog to blog for this challenge I love what you have created very much Dxx


  9. I'm here from CED and I like all the layers you created. It was fun watching how your mind and art took you in totally different direction than that lovely butterfly. Gorgeous.


  10. Very cool and expressive journal page! Love it! 🙂



  11. Carolyn Dube says:

    Wonderful journal spread! Love your texture with the shading- esp. the blues/greens are so deep and rich!


  12. Linda says:

    this is such a fantastic page Monique!!! What an amazing transformation from the beginning. Thanks for sharing all the step outs.


  13. Kristin says:

    Okay! Your journal pages are absolutely stunning! I love all the texture and rich color – and your girl below is just gorgeous.
    SO happy you found the Summer of Color – I'm looking forward to having you play along, xo


  14. Jane Wetzel says:

    that back ground is so cool looking! Love how this came out!


  15. Lynn Bishop says:

    Glad I made you laugh about the youtube ladies! This is my first time on your blog. You make some really gorgeous things! I had your picasso up on my computer screen and my son came in and said, “That's really cool!” and I said, “I know! Right?!” I really love how you showed the whole process.
    Always opt for the forgiving eye. It knows better!


  16. Candy C says:

    Wow Monique..you just blow me away. Your art is amazing. I truly love your art journal pages. They are so … well, hard to describe but very inspiring and “artsy”. I just love your use of sketching and then coloring. The texture you get and the colors you use and blend are truly gorgeous. Thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog as well. Your work is inspiring! Love it!<3 Candy


  17. Jeannette says:

    Love this page,just amazing!!!

    Greetings Jeannette


  18. Karin says:

    wow this looks stunning, i love it!
    groetjes karin


  19. AMAZING! all this dept, this layers this colors .. the clever concept!
    I love all about it and it´s great to see how you made it .. fantastic!


  20. sheila 77 says:

    Lovely work, Monique, and what a fascinating tale of how it came into being.


  21. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, you have captured the feeling of picasso so well….wow!!



    kind regards, Alie 🙂


  23. Michellem says:

    LOVE this spread – the colors are amazing and the texture is so cool!


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