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I thought I’d join in on this funny wednesday workdesk share, what’s on your workdesk wednesday, as I love watching other peoples workdesks. It makes me feel as though I am not the only one with a really messy workdesk and I get to see some workdesks to aspire to achieve, all nice and clean =)

My workdesk, which I share with my daughter, Chelsea, is always rather full, even though I clean up every evening. Well, almost every evening. I’m afraid I didn’t clean up last night and the page I just finished is still on the table. As you can see I tend to confiscate my daughters workspace when she’s off doing her homework.

I sit where the green silicone cookie sheet is and my daughter sits at the long end where all the paper is stacked. She has a pink cookie sheet, but it isn’t even visible anymore…

The journal page I have been working on has been giving me a little headache, because I tried a new technique, one that requires a layer of matt medium in between each layer. I think this is not for me, because I don’t like what happens to the colors of the layers when I do this, but I might have the wrong medium. So I will try this one more time when I get some other fluid matt medium. Who knows.

I also felt it flattened out my layers instead of enhancing them, but yeah, I might be doing it wrong.

On top of all that I incorporated a drawing made by my daughter, specially for me. I really didn’t want to touch that or cover it up, so I had to work around that.

Isn’t it sweet. I love it and I love that she made it for me and it isn’t even mothers day =). I really do love my girl!

The journal I’m working in here is actually one signature (with 5 watercolor folio’s) that will be bound into a bigger book, once I am done with it. There is one other page in it that I finished last monday when my mother and sister were visiting.

The flowers actually started  as a blob of to much yellow paint on the page. I decided to just go with the flow. I kinda like how it turned out. Even with this being way out of my comfort zone.

I also started two other pages that are well within my confort zone. They are not yet finished.

I did the red one first and I love how it turned out. Love the birdy. I made it with a stamp I borrowed from my mother. It still needs something, but I don’t know what yet.

This page I made on top of a prestarted background with all leftover paints, as most of my pages do. I added some purple paint and then noticed an eye in the left page. A cat like eye. 
The funny thing is, I think, that you can see this face in two different ways. You see, the mouth I made is actually in the bottom left corner, with the nose I made right above that. But….in the black paint in the background of the page, you can also see a sort off cat nose….So I can take this page in either direction. Still thinking about that one.
For now I put it to one side and I will think about it. It’ll come to me, I hope, and if it doesn’t, well, I still like it the way it is, so I might even do that.
Thank you for watching and have a nice evening.

10 thoughts on “WOYWW 204

  1. Lea Brawn says:

    Wow what a really busy workspace…I can see why though. Your work is fab!I am so not creative in this way. I have real admiration for people who are.
    Best wishes Lea
    aka Brawny


  2. Spyder says:

    yes you do look as though you have been very busy and creative!! love your blog header!! Have a great crafty week!
    Happy Very late WOyWW!

    (((Lyn))) #142


  3. Monica says:

    You look like you are always creating and so why have a tidy desk? It looks like a desk full of action and ideas
    Monica 103


  4. Love your journal pages. Great compositions.


  5. Jeannette says:

    Oh Yes,your Desktop Looks very creative,so many artworks there.
    my Desktop look but as well,i have so many creative ideas and i packade on my desk,espceially in the night iam so creative,you see you not alone with this *lol*

    Hugs Jeannette


  6. Valerie-Jael says:

    Your table looks almost as good (bad) as mine, what a comfort! Hugs, Valerie


  7. Nice messy desk…love your journal pages and yes see what you mean about the cat nose!!
    Nice to be sharring your crafty space with your daugther too XX


  8. I love your journal pages especially the face!


  9. Love you crafty space! It's busy and much loved. 🙂 The photos are stunning too!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂



  10. April Story says:

    What beautiful pages. I love the flowers and the face – both views – is so cool. April #122


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