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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Yesterday I watched several Donna Downey video’s. Mostly inspiration wednesday video’s. I was so inspired by her approach to art journalling, that I managed to start and finish not one, but two journal pages.

And in keeping with the quote on one of the pages, I will share them here with you.

The first page I kept rather simple, but I love all the texture that’s going on. It’s a very tactile page.  I even did a little Donna style scribling with the alcohol ink. I loved it. I think I will be doing more of that.

I guess I could have gone further and added more to the page, but I felt this was it for me, so I left it at this.

I wrote the quote on a seperate piece of paper, as I still need to practice my handwriting… wich is what happens when you do most of your writing on a computer. I think it looks ok though.

There is lots of texture going on, with tape, tulle, paper and overheated gesso.

The second page is quite different. It has a more personal nature, as I used a picture of my father and me. The picture was taken a long long time ago. My father isn’t with us anymore and I miss him every day. So yes, I felt I needed to make this page. I love this picture so very much.
I did write a rather personal message on the page, but then stamped over it with titanium white acryllic paint. Wich is, I find, a very purging action.

This was the first time stamping with acryllic paint and I am totally hooked now. I love the texture it gives.
And lastly, at the risk of overloading you with pictures, I have a picture of the little happy (snail) mail packet, with the inspirational booklet, I sent to my lovely friend.
I had so much fun making it and then packaging it  I’m really glad that she loved her package. It made me very happy. It’s so much fun giving packages, don’t you agree? 
Now all I have to do is think of what I’m going to do with the second booklet I made…
On top of all that, I was chosen as part of the top three, selected by the Simon says stamp and show design team, in the quotable challenge. I was absolutely delighted and very much surprised, as there were so many amazing entries.
So yeah, all in all I had a great day today, with lot’s of things to draw energy from.
Thank you for watching and I wish you a very lovely weekend.

2 thoughts on “When in doubt, do it anyway – Art journal pages

  1. Vickster says:

    Hello – I love your pages – the layers look like they go on forever. Wonderful. And your handwriting is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures – it inspires me to continue creating…:)


  2. butterfly says:

    These pages are really special. The textures of the first are so wonderful – I want to reach out and touch, and I was very moved by the second page. The idea of writing the message and then stamping over it, so that it remains partly private between you and your father – that's an amazing thought.

    Wonderful work.
    Alison x


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