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Since my sister is coming over tomorow, with her kids. I thought I would make them an art journal/ smash book. Now I don’t know about the boys, but I think my niece will love it. So I made some journals with random papers I had lying around. Some scrapbookpaper, some envelopes and some watercolour paper.

I kept it rather plain, so they can make it all their own. The booklets are A5 sized and sown together with the pamphlet stitch. The covers are made from 12”-12” papers, folded up to make pockets and then folded in half. I added some ephemera (I think) in the pockets to get them started.

The smaller papers on the left, are small inserts, folded in half and sown in with the rest. Next is a watercolour paper, followed by an envelope, folded in half and the sides cut open, to form pockets.

Following that is another watercolour paper. This one I had left from a art course I once started, but never finished. The back side of this paper had some text for when I completed an asignment and had to sent it in. I covered this with some cut out book pages and doylies. I think the kids will be able to cover up what else reamains visible.

In the middle there is some scrapbooking paper with a rather peculiar size, but I think it looks really cute.

I covered the side of the envelope, with the flap, with some scrapbooking paper.
In the last pocket I put a see through envelope, with some cut outs.

And last I added some beads, I left the strings on the outside long enough to be able to do that. Not to much, because then they would only be in the way when working in their album.

I think they turned out really cute. I so hope they will like them. I know I do, I think I will keep one for myself  =).
Thank you for watching and I wish you all a happy easter.

One thought on “Art journal for the kids

  1. Tracy says:

    Lucky, lucky children!!


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