Falcon Travelers

Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

Last week I tried my hand at making a second TP mini album.
This time I was going to use the papers I bought, in stead of all sorts of free images downloaded from the internet or made myself. I have seen all sorts of beautifull TP mini albums and they all include flowers of some sort.

Now I am not a very flowery “girl” and I have never made any paper flowers before, except maybe when I was a little girl, but I was determined to use flowers on this one.

The making of the mini was rather easy, I used the stack the deck method and build the mini. Using the papers was an brise. I kept it rather plain at first, so I could add decorations later. The decorating, however, did give me a little headache and I struggled with it somewhat. Putting things on and taking them off again, making flowers and throwing them away…

In the end I did manage to produce a flowery mini album that pleased my eyes. So yeah, here it is, not entirely finished, still some embellishments and trinkets to attach, but for now I will call it a day.
Hope you like my steampunky, flowery mini album.

The paper line I used was the Prima Nature garden collection, the 6″-6″ paper stack. I used several different techniques to make the pages. For this I used tutorials from some very talented ladies I found on Youtube. Some die-cuts, embellishments from Tim Holtz and some I found in my stach (not a clue where they came from), flowers, embossing and distressing.

The lady on the front cover, I found online. I fussy cut her (allways wanted to use that word combination, love it), tilded her, so it would look like she was flying and then gave her wings. She’s distressed with walnut stain, victorian velvet and crushed olive, distress inks) then coverd with diamond glaze to give her an glassy look.

The flowers were allso treated with diamond glaze, some rub ‘n buff and distress ink, wantnut stain ( I used a lot of wallnut stain througout the booklet). The base of the big flower was a flower given to me with a purchase of some supplies and it was pink, very pink. I treated it with red velvet glimmer mist, distressed it with walnut stain and painted on some black soot distress ink, as I did on several pieces of the front.

The frame that surrounds the lady was embossed in gold, then alcohol inked with 3 different colours (pink sherbet, citrus and mushroom) I then dry brushed som white onto it and added some black soot distress ink. Underneath the big brass buterfly, there are three layers of butterflies, they were all treated the same way. Though with all the embellishments I added, I’m afraid, they got a bit lost…but they are there.

On the first page I added a little emvelope,

and a tiny fold out…

Next an accordion folder (I think)…

and a fold out, tied down with a little bow…

The page below has a little booklet, that was die cut and then bound with embroidery floss…

followed by a page with a belly band with some tags…

And a page with another type of foldout…

And lastly a page with three flaps (waterfall?)…

All the openings of the TP’s contain the same type of tag, with a flap, held down by the embossed, distressed  flourish die cut. I forgot to take photo’s of those.
I think the booklet turned out really cute, flowery but not to girly, I guess =).
I hope you liked it and should you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “A flowery TP mini album

  1. THcreates says:

    Gorgeous! Where do you find such big beautiful metal embellishments (the non-Tim Holtz ones)?


  2. Monique says:

    ThanX =), I found them with a dutch online juwelry making supply store. Their name slipped my mind at the moment, but I can look them up if you like.


  3. THcreates says:

    Please give me the name of the store if you come across it – don't waste time looking – just if you remember. I've subscribed to your site & will keep an eye on your comments. Thanx so much. Really like your work. THcreates from Oregon in USA!


  4. Monique says:

    Hi, I found the link to the butterflies and the shop that sells them. They are called Sayila:
    direct link to the butterflies: http://www.sayila.nl/hangers-bedels/metalen-hangers-bedels/metalen-hangers-bedels-beestjes/budgetpack-mix-metalen-hangers-bedels-vlinders-19mm-48mm-27701
    I don't know if they ship outside europe, but you could try.

    Good luck and thank you for subscribing.
    Monique xx


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