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Since I discovered how to make those tieny tiny little books, I’ve been completely hooked. They are so cute and making them is such a joy. On top of that, my daughter allso loves making them, so it is something we can do together, wich is allways a bonus =).

As filling up the house with little booklets is, obviously, not a option and there is an investment involved with making these, both in time and money, we decided we would open up a DaWanda shop to sell some of the books we made. As I have no experience in selling, I guess I’ll just try and learn allong the way…So, yeah, we opened a little shop on DaWanda and by now have about two booklets for sale. Not a lot, but hey, we’re just starting out =). We made more booklets, but either they are not for sale, or we gave them away as gifts. So below are some pictures of one of the books we have in our little shop and some pictures of the booklet I made for my sisters birthday. The latter being a cute example of what you can do with these tiny books. 

The name of our shop is “Morgan Le Fae’s Trinkets“, wich is based on my daughters second name, since it is a joined effort.

The first booklet is a romantic steampunk style book and currently in our Dawanda store
I added some cute little extra’s, like tiny stationary pages, tiny tags, two tiny playing cards and recipe cards. I allso included some bookmarks, in the form of tags and a butterfly.
The second booklet is a gift for my sisters birthday and I had the pleasure of decorating it with pictures througout. Here are some examples. 
Me and my sister when we were very young and a photo of my fathers family…
Next to the photos I addes some extra embellishments, just for fun…
Please excuse my sticky fingers, I had just finished with the booklet and was so excited about it…and obviously could not wait with making the pictures…
Thank you for watching and have a nice day.

ps: This post was imported from my lifejournal blog about victorian costumes and corsets, as are the pictures.

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