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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

The leather we use is 2,5 mm thick premium choice vegetable tanned leather, as explained here.  This leather is used by saddle makers and for “tooling”. The leather can feel a bit tough at first, but with use it’ll become more and more pliable and subtle.

We use first choice vegetable tanned leather even though it is more expensive then chrome tanned leather or second choice vegetable tanned. Firstly because the vegetable tanned leather is firmer and better suited for the Traveler’s Notebook set-up and secondly because the first choice pieces are selected for less marks and scars on the leather ensuring a better dyeing result.

When undyed, this leather will, by exposure to the sun and oils in your skin, turn darker. It’ll turn into a beautiful warm brown and develop a lovely patina. This happens because of the tannins in the leather. The leather will also color after applying the different oils we use in conditioning and maintaining it.

There are two main ways of dyeing leather, Aniline dyeing, which is basically dyeing the leather with soluble solvent based dyes without sealing the surface of the skin, and, as would follow from the previous, using an insoluble topcoat, like with acrylic dyes or sealing in the color of some of the Eco-Flo water-soluble dyes with and insoluble coat.


The dyes used for the standard Traveler’s Notebook listings (here and here) are aniline solvent based dyes, these are  permanent transparent dyes that will penetrate the leather.

There are 4 different dyes I use primarily:

  • Angelus leatherdye
  • Angelus suede leatherdye
  • Fiebings leatherdye
  • Fiebings oil based leatherdye

Each of these leather dyes has a somewhat different effect on the leather, Although these differences can be very subtle.  The oil based dyes and the suede dyes tend to leave the leather more subtle to start with, but the alcohol based dyes have a wider range of colors available. Specifically the oil dyes have mostly brown tints.

There are other colors available and custom mixed colors, which is why I there is an option for custom in the listings.

all the pretty colors

Here’s an overview of the colors and their names.

Fiebings dyes

1 6 11 16
Fiebings Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based
Navy Mahogany Light Brown Black
2 7 12 17
Fiebings Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based Fiebings
Light Blue Dark Brown English Bridle Purple
3 8 13 18
Fiebings Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based Fiebings
Turkuoise Walnut Saddle Tan Oxblood
4 9 14 19
Fiebings Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based Fiebings
Green Golden Brown Light Tan Maroon
5 10 15 20
Fiebings Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based Fiebings, oil based
Aqua Green Spanish Brown Yellow Red

Angelus dyes:

21 26 31 36
Angelus Angelus, suede Angelus, suede Angelus, suede
Dark Brown Purple Dark Brown Beige
22 27 32 37
Angelus Angelus, suede Angelus, suede Angelus, suede
Light Blue Lilac Light Brown Pink
23 28 33 38
Angelus Angelus Angelus undyed
Blue Jean Rose Brown Natural
24 29 34
Angelus Angelus Angelus
Turkuoise Red Gold
25 30 35
Angelus Angelus Angelus, suede
Kelly Green Oxblood Tan

We could of course give the leather colors all fancy names, but we feel it is straightforward to give them the name of the dye used.

After dyeing we condition the Travelers with either oil or carnauba cream, so you don’t need to condition it further. The oils in your hands will be enough to keep it conditioned. We brush the inside with a suede brush and spray it with a suede conditioner, to make it water, dust and dirt resistant.

If you somehow haven’t used your leather cover in a while you may find it needs some conditioning. A light rubbing with either oil or any other leather conditioner will suffice.

For the ROSE and TURQUOISE colored leathers we use Carnauba creme as a conditioner, because this has less tendancy to activate the tannins in the leather and it’ll stay lighter longer.

With use and handling the leather will get softer and more flexible over time, so don’t be afraid to take it with you and handle it a lot. You can also roll the leather of your cover to start the process.


IMPORTANT >>Always make sure to roll it toward the inside (the suede side) to avoid wrinkling of the leather!<<



It is also possible to paint the leather with acrylic dyes. This is available in the shop as a customization for the standard Traveler’s Notebooks.

We use Acrylics specifically intended for leather and a sealant as a coating on top of them. After painting them and sealing they will be conditioned with Carnauba creme, like with the Rose and Turquoise TN’s.

There are different kinds of upgrades available, but if you have a specific idea in mind you can always contact us and we can discuss your idea and let your dream Notebook come to live.

The painted upgrades are:

  • Distressed, a mix of colors, sanded or not sanded, to reveal the underlying color, or one color and sanded to reveal the underlying color.
  • Custom artwork, a painted Traveler, with your requested image painted onto the leather.

Here are some examples of these



Other color combinations are possible, the sky is the limit…however 4-5 colors are usually plenty.


The distressed with sanding option


Since these paints are are hand-applied, no two will be exactly the same, even if we use the exact same colors, the mix and or the sanding will always be different.

Custom artwork


A basic nebula or a more complex one with moons and stars are definite favorites.

DSC03934Perhaps some Nothern lights

Or a nebula with with a mermaid.


Or how about a more elaborate painting with a Weirwood Tree. Together with us, you can bring your ideas and imagination to life for a unique and beautiful Traveler, that will last you a life time.


However, these take quite some time to make.

collage file publisher

Hours of painting sometimes…


They are so much fun to do… And although they scare me sometimes


I do love making them =)

I hope you found this useful…if you have any questions after reading this or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

xoxo Monique

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