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Dutch Design Leather, Est 2013

I think I skipped a few WOYWW‘s, I just haven’t been able to keep up with all that’s going on. Things are just not going to plan, as so often in life, but I think I’m getting it back together again. I just need to take it really slow and let go of the pressure.

So today I thought I would show you what my workdesk looks like when I’m like this…

You wouldn’t believe the mess I make…I’ve got too much on my mind and it shows.

You can see Beate’s Art Journal on my desk there, I’m working on the second spread (you can find the first one here). It’s not going as fast as I would like, but, to my defence, my mother came to visit me yesterday and we chatted the whole day away.

I’m hoping to finish it today and visit some of the other workdesks from around the world. Not all of them, because there are way to many. If you would like to join me you can find all those wonderfull artists at Julia’s blog the Stamping Ground, she’ll explain it all to you.

I’ll leave you with the picture I took today for the facebook group Midori Traveler’s Notebook resources, which was “My TN and a clock”.

This would be my work TN, which is actually a failed leather painting experiment. In which I painted the leather brown with a new kind of leather dye and then didn’t like the color. I sanded it, but that just scratched the leather, then painted it black. Didn’t like that either and tried to scrub off the black with “steel fix”.

Now I like it, it looks old and scruffy, black and brown. It looks like it lived a little. As does the watch. Which was my fathers watch. He died almost 10 years ago and I wear this every single day. I greet him when I put it on in the morning and wish him goodnight as I take it off when I go to bed. My way of keeping him close.

Thank you for visiting and I wish you all a wonderful week.

20 thoughts on “WOYWW 229

  1. oh what a fab background is to see… amazing!


  2. Valerie-Jael says:

    No mess – creative chaos! I just cleaned and cleared my table – looks so empty and sad….Valerie


  3. I love your table, it has character and looks busy and creative. I know how you feel being under stress and feeling pressured, as I am in that state a bit too. I do hope you can find a smooth and easier path soon through everything. I love the look of the notebook and I was so moved by the story of your dad's watch. Thanks for the visit earlier. Julie Ann #28


  4. Karin says:

    Ik bouw mezelf ook altijd in met allerlei spullen, en waar je mee bezig bent ziet er al schitterend uit! Groetjes Karin


  5. Winnie says:

    Such a lovely journal spread so far. Love the colors! I think visiting with your mom and enjoying the day is making more memories for you to journal later. The visits are the most important. I was touched by your story about your dad's watch. Such a good way to keep those we love with us. Thanks for sharing that! Winnie#73


  6. Sandy Leigh says:

    Your open art journal there is just inspiring–the beautiful pinks are right up my alley! Love it. Thanks for visiting my dollhouse today. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #35


  7. Krisha says:

    Great looking journal page even if your not finished with it. Love the watch shot and the story behind it.
    Krisha #44


  8. Shaz Brooks says:

    Love the colours and dseigns in your journal page, and how you 'aged' the TN is awesome. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #34 xx


  9. Gorgeous journal backgrounds. Those colours have become one of my favourite colour combinations – it never fails to cheer me up! Hope you can chill a bit and enjoy your creating. Thanks for your visit , have a great week. MMx #36


  10. Fabby backgrounds and I hope you feel more settled soon. I'm still thinking about our plan – maybe the New Year? I'm hoping you don't want to start anything new at the mo, I know I'm struggling to keep up just now. Lovely story you have shared about the watch. Hugs Cindy x


  11. Beo says:

    I like what you have done in my journal up to now. And I'm curious to see what will follow!
    And the ritual you do twice a day is a wonderful way to keep in contact with your father…. Thanks for that and all 🙂


  12. Peg Robinson says:

    Your journal looks marvelous. It takes a lot of stuff to make pages like that. Peg R 103


  13. StampinCarol says:

    Love your journal! The colors and designs…. cool! And your desk is definitely busy! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #86


  14. Heerlijke werkplek!!! Zo ziet het er bij mij ook ongeveer uit…ik kan opruimen wat ik wil, na een kwartier is het weer een gezellige boel 🙂
    Blijkbaar “hoort” dat bij wie jij bent en ik ook…ieder op een eigen manier!


  15. The journaling pages are amazing, love the colours. I think it's a wonderful idea to wear your fathers watch. I still have my dads scarf. Hugs. Pam#38


  16. Great desk – busy, colourful and fun.
    Have a good week.
    Margaret #64


  17. Beautiful background in your journal but I can see your desk is much more cluttered than normal. Love the old notebook and a very poignant story surrounds the watch. Thanks for the wooly love!

    Brenda 1


  18. Ann says:

    Love your journal pages & such an amazing crafting area!!! Have a great week, Hugs
    Ann-R (109)xx


  19. die amelie says:

    Oh, Monique,

    your workdesk looks sooo beautifully busy! LOVE IT!

    Claudia x


  20. toni says:

    love your vibrant journal pages, i'd love to pop round and leaf through some of your gorgeous books! your desk is jam packed and looks a bit like home from home to me xx


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